Elie Saab presents its first furniture and accessories collection

ELIE SAAB and its licensing partner Corporate Brand Maison band together to present their first furniture and accessories collection. One of the world’s leading names in Haute Couture and a red carpet favorite, Elie Saab’s refined silhouettes and sumptuous detailing take inspiration from both Paris and Beirut, where his ateliers of craftsmen are based. He first launched his eponymous label with his Haute Couture line, expanding soon after into ready-to-wear and accessories, with each collection displaying the innate elegance and femininity for which he is renowned.

Today, Elie Saab has evolved into a lifestyle brand, through the development of diversified product categories that deliver a unique experience of the brand’s universe. Creating timeless signature furniture collections and interior design projects that embody Elie Saab DNA and touch every aspect of “living” is an organic growth for the brand’s identity.

Elie Saab: “Broadening the scope of our product offering has been our strategy for the past few years. We are working towards an architectural and lifestyle expression that translates my style of living through the development of Real Estate projects and the creation of Furniture and Home collection to complement this vision. The first collection reflects the heritage of ELIE SAAB’s signature. It has a distinctive style combining contemporary and timeless. We will be developing down the line exclusive and limited edition pieces to cater to art connoisseurs and collectors.”

The first collection Elie Saab MAISON is entirely manufactured in Italy, produced and distributed by Corporate Brand Maison, Private Equity Swiss Company specialized in brand extension projects in the furnishing and hospitality sector dedicated to prestigious international fashion and automotive brands, under the guidance of Massimiliano Ferrari. Corporate Brand Maison stands for research and innovation, respect for the past and tradition, planning and an international approach of its initiatives.

Massimiliano Ferrari, CEO of Corporate Brand Maison: “In this time of uncertainty, it is with great enthusiasm that we begin this new journey alongside Elie Saab, intensified by the strong desire to continue dreaming and making people dream, it will take us to the heart of the Milan Fashion District where the first Elie Saab MAISON collection will be revealed. A collection that perfectly blends together all essential elements of the project: the uniqueness of the Elie Saab Brand signature, the research in design, and the artisan excellence of Made in Italy. Elie Saab MAISON is an extremely innovative interior design project, immediately thought of in “360 degrees”: the unique furniture pieces are only the starting point of something much bigger, something that goes from hospitality to hotels and residences. An example is the Grand Blue Tower Interiors by Elie Saab in Emaar Beachfront, Dubai: here, apartments and common areas are in fact furnished with the objects of the collection.”

Marco Bizzozero, General Manager of Corporate Brand Maison continues: “We have already laid down the next steps of the project, which will bring the collection to Beirut, Doha and Dubai, where we will open Elie Saab MAISON showrooms by the end of 2020. Our goal is to bring the collection into the key global markets with a well-defined distribution strategy that includes the opening of Elie Saab MAISON mono brand stores. Here we will be able to offer a complete and unique purchasing experience, both in relation to individual products as well as tailor-made solutions, in the full spirit of the Maison.”

Carlo Colombo, a remarkable Italian architect and designer, has translated the vision of Mr. Saab into the furniture collection. From the encounter between the two a compelling dialogue originated, resulting in the creation of a distinctive furniture line. The collection has been designed to convey the strength of the artistry it embodies, the attention to detail, the richness of the materials, in pure Elie Saab style.

“The collection came to life after some time spent in the company with Elie Saab. We shared stories about the inspiration behind his creations, his work process and his selection of shapes, colors and materials. From this emerged my interpretation of the essential elements that define his style which I transferred into the pieces that make up the Elie Saab MAISON collection. We have combined our creativity, our skills, letting the collection develop naturally. Everything happened in an extremely linear way, giving me the freedom to transform the Brand codes into new works of art. The result is a collection with one unique quality: to be recognizable, to stand out from all the others and to be Elie Saab at first glance. A collection that is narrated through the words that arise from the observation of its details.” Carlo Colombo.

The identity of the collection can be summed up as “Spectacular Elegance”, harmoniously linking together its distinctiveness, its shapes contemporary spirit, its tradition and attention to detail. The dominant colors in the collection are those of the Brand’s Haute Couture creations: delicate creams, pastel shades of grey contrasted with the shiny finish of metals, bronzes, marbles and noble stones.

Divided into Day and Night, the collection can be defined as “total look”, touching every corner of your home: from the living to the dining room, from the bedroom to the lighting of the spaces and accessories. Coherent and inextricably linked to the Brand’s DNA, implying historical moments close to the sources of inspiration dear to the designer, from the scents of the Middle East to the Art Deco touch from his home in Paris, and his flair for the 1960s and 70s, an extraordinary track for design and architecture, enriched through years of timeless and eternal icons.

The Day Collection is very rich, with an initial proposal of four sofas, five chairs, armchairs and poufs, two dining tables, four side tables, two consoles and a storage unit. The Night Collection consists of three beds, a bedside table and “Valet de Nuit”, a true personal assistant during rest time, a system that integrates a series of mirrors and structures for storing objects. These collections are accompanied by a range of lights, rugs, cushions and accessories.

There is an extensive use of quality materials throughout the collection, especially metals, among them brass. A special attention has been given to the finishes delivering an exceptional level of quality, aesthetic and tactile performance.
There is a focus on quality materials in woodworking as well. Prevailing in the collection is macassar ebony, shown in its two variants: lacquered and matt. The collection proposes as well smoked eucalyptus, sycamore maple and sucupira, a noble wood of South American origin. All the wood makes a reference to the world of Elie Saab, adding extraordinary value to the pieces.

As to the stones, we have meticulously chosen very noble marble to present the most iconic pieces of the collection as a tribute to Italy and to the most refined sculptural tradition of this country, loved by Elie Saab. From the Calacatta marble carved into the Canova table to the Patagonia granite whose value is measured by the chromatic variations that distinguish each slab.

Predominantly of Italian and French origin, the fabrics are exclusively created for the Elie Saab MAISON collection including monogram, velvet and leathers. They are proposed in three variants: cotton, wool and silk; often combined in a uniform color with a changing effect.

The Elie Saab MAISON collection will offer an “Exclusive” version, custom-made with unlimited combinations of materials and finishes dedicated to the Brand’s first mono brand showrooms which will be inaugurated in Beirut, Dubai and Milan, as well as other fashion capitals, including Paris and Moscow.

Located in the heart of the Milan fashion district, on the corner of Via S. Andrea and Via della Spiga, the Elie Saab MAISON showroom wishes to emphasize the profound bond that unites the collection to the world of fashion. A desire shared by Elie Saab and Corporate Brand Maison: to create something authentic, truly unique, which offers a new engaging experience in the world of the designer.

The Elie Saab MAISON collection will be available at the Milan showroom from the second half of 2020, and at the network of exclusive boutiques located in the key cities of the Elie Saab world.