Founded in 2011 as website, Superyacht Digest is today an accredited, reputable media in the sector, present in the superyacht industry throughout 4 different channels, each with a specific target in terms of audience and communication.


Superyacht Digest is an international magazine distributed worldwide at all major international yacht shows and sold at main newskiosks. Our export partner is SODIP Spa. Average price Eur 15 (pg. 240).

  • next issue: SPRING / SUMMER 2024
  • next issue: FALL / WINTER 2024


Superyacht Digest is published in 2 issues per year: the Spring / Summer + the Fall Winter Issue. As regards its distribution, it is printed in 10.000 copies and sale at all MAJOR INTERNATIONAL KIOSKS in Italy, Europe, USA and Middle East is entrusted to Sodip Spa.


Stronger promotional activities are scheduled during the week of the the boat shows at International airports such as Düsseldorf, Dubai, USA (Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Miami).

Boat Shows

Superyacht Digest is also present and distributed at the MOST IMPORTANT BOAT SHOWS WORLDWIDE: Cannes Yachting Festival, Monaco Yacht Show, Fort Lauderdale Int. Boat Show, Boot Düsseldorf, Dubai Int. Boat Show, Miami Yacht Show, Palm Beach Int. Boat Show…

Art galleries

Since 2017 the magazine has signed synergic partnerships with art galleries based in Los Angeles and Miami (Art Angels Art Galleries), where the magazine is distributed on-site and sent to a private list of selected art collectors.

Since 2023 Superyacht Digest is actively involved in some initiatives with the Montecarlo-based art gallery TEOS GAllery.

Private airport

Superyacht Digest actively works with the private airport of Basel, during the entire year but especially during two major events: ART BASEL, the most important art fair in Europe, which every year attracts an important number of UHNWIs, landing at the private airport, and EBACE, the most important business aviation exhibition, taking place in May in Geneva.


As to the world of CAPTAINS, Superyacht Digest actively works with YARE, a business event dedicated to the world of superyacht captains, which every year is organized by Navigo in Viareggio – Superyacht District.


As to the website: it has both a vertical and B2C approach, with sections dedicated to new launches, new projects, design and interiros. The website is able to reach 75,000 users worldwide generating 200.000 views per year, mainly from USA + Europe (70%), Middle East (10%), other (20%). It is weekly updated with some articles shared via social media and newsletter.

Our audience is heterogeneous, both by gender and by age: according to our analysis, we have on average an audience aged 35 to 55, 65% male, from the area above mentioned.

Time spent on the website is on average 3-5 minutes per article.

50.000 USERS

We reach on average 75.000 users every year


USA 40%
EU 30%
M.E. 10%
Other 20%


We issue our newsletter twice a month. This is addressed to two different mailing lists: one is B2B, one is B2C. The professional audience consists in 15,000 business contacts worldwide while the private list in 2,500 readers. Both newsletters have an open rate upon delivery of 85%.

Our newsletter is a successfull product with a loyal audience. 85% is the open rate we get from every campaign, which means that over 15,000 users open our email upon receipt.


Our newsletter covers different aspects of the sector: new builds, yacht design, charter and lifestyle…


Our newsletter is targeted to 15,000 business contacts created during our activity started 12 years ago. The private list has been created in the years thanks to our strong and constant presence in the sector and at all major events, but above all thanks to the good reputation of our team and magazine.


Every newsletter includes at least 2 advertising banners, these are not graphically invasive but pleasant.



With 28,000 followers we are able to generate posts with an average of 2,500 impressions each. When sponsored, we can achieve 25,000 impressions and more.


With 16,000 contacts in the sector and extra-sectors our posts generate on average 5/7000 views each.