Sanlorenzo | From Art Basel to the Biennale Arte Venice 2019

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n conjunction with Biennale Arte 2019, Sanlorenzo, has presented its latest art project entiled “Navigators. A journey into Sanlorenzo’s shipyards”, an exhibition on display from 31 August to 02 November at the Casa dei Tre Oci, on Giudecca island in Venice.

Conceived as a true first hand look at what’s involved in the production process at our shipyards, the exhibition is to feature more than 30 black and white images by photographer Silvano Pupella, who uses his lens to give us a visual tale of the harmony between craftsmanship and technology that has over the last 60 years made Sanlorenzo a veritable nautical excellence.

The evocative photographic portfolio which was put together within the La Spezia shipyard, reveals how each Sanlorenzo superyacht is the result of a complex, transversal and innovative project: each boat over 40 meters long, comes to life from the hull, forged in metal like some work of art, and on through the work of skilled local artisans who take the greatest of care with every little detail, making each pieace unique and special, thereby assuring the desired reaction from the owner every time.

The photos of Silvano Pupella thus recount the work of these highly skilled artisans whose masterful craftsmanship makes these sophisticated elegant yachts what they are, as if they were being crafted in a Renaissance workshop.

His decisive black and white, introducing us at the initial production stages of the steel superyachts, is able to excite enhancing the hidden charm and the intrinsic beauty of the unfinished products.

The spatial expansions which Sanlorenzo succeeded in adding to his projects, as these images state most clearly, amaze and even overturn the perception of the limit that one always has on board these self-propelled jewels. Images that, documenting the various preparatory stages of the metal hulls, can perfectly relate the atmosphere of this place full not only of technology but also of precious and irreplaceable practicality.

This project, which was created by Mr. Massimo Perotti, Chairman of the company, once again shows Sanlorenzo’s ability to embrace new and creative languages to talk about itself and offer new perspectives regarding the world of boating and Made in Italy.

This decision, this philosophy, has linked the company to the world of art and design over the years, with direct participation in some of the most important events in these areas. With this new project, on the occasion of the Biennale Arte 2019 – the most internationally recognised and prestigious review of contemporary art in the world – Sanlorenzo is once again confirmed as being a key player in top events related to the world of art.

As to the global partnership agreement that Sanlorenzo signed with Art Basel in 2018 (read the full story here), at the last edition of June 2019, the Italian shipyard narrated its connection to the artworld through an homage to Piero Dorazio, among the principal artist of abstract art in Italy. The installation, refined and poetic in its essentiality, is the perfect expression of that sophisticated luxury that identifies the brand.

Art Basel (Basel) 2019

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From Superyacht Digest | The April Issue 2019

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The artwork “Blue Land II”(1992), displayed in the center of the lounge, has been chosen to pay homage to the Master of Color. During the 80s Piero Dorazio in fact reinterpreted the formal theme of reticular intersections as a new pictorial investigation tied to the perception of space through the sensations of color-light and form-composition. It is a work which expresses great energy that seems to want to conquer the depths of space through a thick web of intersections.

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From Superyacht Digest | The September Issue 2018

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The partnership between Sanlorenzo and Art Basel (read more) is part of a coherent journey that has seen the company collaborating with leading Galleries and cultural institutions over the years such as the Triennale di Milano during the Fuorisalone 2017 and 2018, presenting the “Sanlorenzo: The sea in Milan” and “The sea in Milan: Yachtville”, and more recently, this year, with Interni presenting the installation “From shipyard to courtyard“.