Isa Yachts presents YARA 48. Live your Boat to the utmost!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter introducing the Yara 44 in September last year, Isa Yachts has announced Yara 48, designed in cooperation with Omega Architects and Van Oossanen Naval Architects.

In Brazilian mythology Yara means water lady. Yara is a beautiful young woman. When she felt a man around, she would start to sing gently to lure him. Once under the spell of the Yara a man would leave anything to live with her underwater forever, which was not necessarily a bad thing, as she was pretty and would cater for all needs of her lover for the rest of his life.

ISA Yachts has translated this myth into a spectacular fast displacement 48mt motor yacht named YARA 48, a megayacht powered by three engine options for a maximum speed up to 30 knots in combination with transatlantic range. The yacht, which already complies with MCA regulations (Read related Article), has a structure in all aluminium with shallow draft combined with outstanding sea keeping.  The naval architecture by Van Oossanen Naval Architects results in a very flexible and efficient platform based on the Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) concept.

visual 44-48m

The Relationship with the Outside

The aft saloon that can be converted from an interior space into an exterior space, by means of a straightforward sliding- and folding glass-door system. It gives you the versatility to adapt to different weather conditions, with a strong relationship to the outside, either closed or open.

visual 48m_1 2014-11-28 (2)The Jacuzzi on main deck is placed aft, recessed nearly flush to the deck, to create a space to enjoy with an uninterrupted view aft to the water level. Second Jacuzzi is on the spacious sun deck with 360 degrees panorama.

The S curve (ISA Yachts heritage), connecting sun deck and wheelhouse deck in the profile, creates a wind shielded area on the aft wheelhouse deck. The wind shielding part on the wheelhouse aft deck is transparent and creates extra ‘openness’ to the sides and of course the stern.

The two cut outs in the bulwarks give space to full-height windows to create enhanced visibility of the water level at side.

Owner’s suite on main deck with extended view on the water, created by full length lower windows. The lower windows are matched with a characteristic knuckle to continue towards the bow.

visual 48m_2 2014-11-28

The Shipyard’s Request to the Designers

ISA Yachts asked Omega Architects to create the lines for a fast yacht adopted to the modern yachting life style. But sees demand for speed in combination with efficiency and range. As a consequence, this new generation of sport yacht should have an attractive open main deck rather than a closed in formal main deck. The goal is to create 50% more usable space in comparison to a traditional lay-out. More than ever, ISA Yachts asked Omega Architects to focus on the interior – exterior relationship, with full-height windows and opening area’s that connect inner and outer spaces. Attention should be given to the characteristic ‘near-vertical’ ISA Yachts bow. The yacht has to be Bahamas- friendly with a maximum draft of 2 meters.

Omega Architects created new elements of exterior design, at the same time maintained a gentle looking and some of the soft lines in particular, for which ISA Yachts is well known. The result is a sturdy, though elegant yacht design. Design-wise, the48m design is slightly forward leaning. As to the relationship with the sea, this yacht has low bulwarks, 2/3 of the windows are full height, creating versatility in relaxation, openness and panorama views from all over the boat.

night visual 48m_3

The layout

Lower Deck – The crew is placed forward with dedicated galley and dining table. This crew compartment is larger compared to most other yachts of this size, since this yacht complies with MCA regulations. Regarding the guests area, 2 twins and 2 VIPs cabins are served by a central round stair. On aft, the beach club houses a sauna, day-head and a service counter, a concept derived from the Russian traditional “banya”, which consists of 3 rooms; quite similar with a sauna or steam room, a bathroom and an area to rest and relax with a counter cabinet for drinks and a bar.

Main Deck – The owner has a full beam private suite with his and hers bathroom. The windows are full height to allow as much daylight as possible and create a spacious and bright cabin. Amid ships, crew has a separated traffic route that allows them to reach the galley and WD with dedicated stairs. The dining area has also full height windows that give a see-through experience to outside views: achieved by lowering the exterior bulwarks. Dining area and the gigantic lounge area on aft are divided as well as connected by glass doors. This huge exterior space was thought to feel as a whole: continuity is enhanced in ceiling and teak planking. Nevertheless, half of the area can be closed with glass sliding doors. And, when the room is closed, air- conditioning is guaranteed, like a big bay window. The lounge area has a Jacuzzi placed aft, almost flush with deck to respect the panorama view from inside. The Jacuzzi is a central point from which an entire seating arrangement develops, meant for parties or relaxed meetings. The water curtains falling from the overhang to the Jacuzzi is an additional eye catching feature to this area.

Foredeck is mainly a crew area, with a 6m tender, MOB and jet ski served by a crane. Particular attention was given to enhanced visibility from the wheelhouse: positioning angles and division of glass panels were planned to allow the captain the best visibility during sailing. Captains quarter is behind the wheelhouse, close to pantry and crew’s staircase. The wheelhouse deck has a cozy sky lounge with bar on aft. Glass sliding doors connect the wheelhouse to an external dining table and lounge.

The entire Sundeck is designed to offer panorama views: legs of mast are placed on deck to keep the deck as open as possible. To avoid railings that disturb the views, a glass bulwark protects the area. On this 48m, in between the mast’s legs is the Jacuzzi with sunbeds. A traditional layout follows: 10 persons dining table on SB, counter bar on PS. Forward is the spacious lounge area dedicated to seats where guests can lounge and enjoy the views especially while sailing. The sunbathing part is reserved on aft. This creates a sort of “bar sport” atmosphere where guests can gather for watching a movie or a match, still being outside but in a privacy-guaranteed area.

The combination of a maximum speed over 24 knots with only the MTU 16V2000 M94 installed, reaching a transoceanic range at 13 to 14 knots, is certainly remarkable efficient in this class of yachts.

Main Data

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image001ISA Yachts is a shipyard based in Ancona, Italy, specialized in the design, construction and refitting of custom and semi-custom motor yachts from 40 to 100 meters in steel/aluminium and composite. With a highly impressive fleet of 32 yachts, including award-winning designs, the yard boasts a unique construction process that has won the trust of ISA Yachts owners around the world.

Omega Architects was founded by Frank Laupm an in 1995. Ever since then, he worked on architectural, yacht- and yacht interior design. W hile ‘crossing the borders’ofhis own background and finish designs ofdifferent nature, he was able to establish valuable contacts with several principals, project developers and shipyards. To m eet requirem ents for larger projects, he kept on searching for designers who had different backgrounds and education. Through the years, he form ed a core of versatile designers as well as specific professionals for technical expertise who all share the sam e philosophy. All m em bers ofthis creative m achine learned to listen to each other, created synergy and attracted principals and yacht owners from across the world.

Van Oossanen Naval Architects are independent naval architects and hydro-dynamicists with a vast experience in the design of sail and motor yachts, commercial ships and advanced marine vehicles. Their particular area of expertise is the field of ship hydrodynamics and performance. Their involvement in projects varies from a total responsibility, from conceptual design to the engineering and building supervision, to being part of a design team in which we typically provide the design of the hull and the appendages. While many projects consist of independent design work, carried out for owners and builders directly, many other projects are commissioned by other designers and naval architects, requiring particular expertise in the aero- and hydrodynamic performance areas and capabilities in Computational Fluid Dynamics.