In the ranking of the Top 50 Italian architecture and design firms drawn up annually by Guamari and published in the Sole24Ore newspaper, Zuccon International Project is in twenty third place overall and the leading yacht designer by far.

This is a hectic period for Zuccon International Project and full of novelties. The design studio founded in Rome by architect Gianni Zuccon and his wife Paola Galeazzi is an architecture and industrial design studio that stands out for its multidisciplinary approach. Active in a variety of fields, including office architecture, Zuccon International Project is considered one of the world’s most authoritative nautical design studios.

The desire to explore unknown directions has given the company a boost of energy and motivation, bringing about some major changes and innovations. They include partnerships with highly-reputed shipbuilders Sanlorenzo and Perini Navi, as well as two World Yachts Trophies awarded during the Cannes Boat Show. The firm will also soon be moving into big new offices, designed as a sort of “creative laboratory” with input and ideas from the worlds of architecture, design, sport and culture, in a decision confirming that its desire to grow and keep improving is still strong.

This desire was recently rewarded with an important acknowledgement: Zuccon International Project is 23rd of the top 50 Italian architecture and design studios and top-ranking Italian yacht designer. The classification is drawn up annually, based on a survey conducted by Aldo Norsa at Guamari. Published in the Sole24Ore newspaper, it covers Italy’s leading firms of designers and architects, working in the sectors that best represent the country’s economy, including yacht design of course. The other firms in the classification include internationally famous names like Renzo Piano (who was knocked off the top spot this year by One Works).

The ranking is based on a series of parameters used to assess the results reported in 2016, and the position won by the Rome-based firm is particularly important not only because it has beaten some world-famous design practices, but also because it confirms the progress made by Zuccon International Project, which ranked 41st last year.

This big leap forward represents both an outstanding achievement after years of passionate dedication to this exciting and challenging business, as well as a point of departure on the path to new ideas and projects for a future that people will soon be talking about.