Vittoria Yachts starts construction of the first 54m explorer yacht

Three months after their launch, Vittoria Yachts have continued, full steam ahead, kicking off 2021 by beginning construction of the first motor yacht in the Explorer line: Bow Sprit. Paolo Duò, President of the Vittoria Shipyard, Michele Zorzenon, Managing Director of Vittoria Yachts, and Sergio Cutolo, the designer of the motor yacht, attended the keel laying ceremony at the Vittoria Shipyard in Adria, which marked the start of work on this Explorer yacht, at just over 50 meters long and approaching 500 GT.

This age-old good luck ritual represents the first step in the construction of the Explorer line’s brand-new yacht concept, which the Vittoria Shipyard’s new division aims to have seaworthy by 2023.

The Bow Sprit, which stands out thanks to its characteristic bowsprit extending beyond the prow that gives this design its name, is the brainchild of  Sergio Cutolo and was designed in partnership with Hydro Tec for long voyages and for charter.

“Today represents a milestone for us,” said Paolo Duò, President of the Vittoria Shipyard, speaking at the ceremony. “It is the testimony of an evolution through generations that has been able to continue the tradition of innovation and forward-thinking promoted by my grandfather Luigi, the founder of the company. What my cousin Fabio Duò had cherished as a dream thirty years ago through his visionary designs is now taking shape, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. I would like to thank the team who have been working on the project for the last few years. Despite this difficult period, this is an important glimmer of hope for us, as a venture that will undoubtedly be strengthened by a renewed international visibility.”

“After almost a hundred years of experience in state-of-the-art constructions,” says Michele Zorzenon, Managing Director of Vittoria Yachts, “displays of true excellence in the military, commercial and civil shipbuilding sectors, we proudly launch the construction of a new type of vessel, perfect for this historic moment. In fact, the Bow Sprit will guarantee an ability to commit to long voyages, allowing us to reach every point around the globe, with all the amenities imaginable, providing unforgettable experiences.”

“The beginning of a collaboration with a shipyard is always a very exciting moment,” says Sergio Cutolo, designer of the Bow Sprit, “but at the same time, it involves a considerable effort to capture the core identity of the shipyard itself. If this is true for a shipyard that already has an established production line, it is even more so in the case of a shipyard like the Vittoria Shipyard, where there is no history that can be traced back to the production of yachts or pleasure boats. I definitely found the shipyard’s ability to design and produce fast and highly seaworthy vessels very enticing, inspiring the creation of a fast, high-performance and technologically sophisticated structure. Commercial considerations led to the choice of a more traditional structure but, of course, one that is more flexible and adaptable to different market needs.”

What makes the motor yacht unique is its strong and masculine lines, as well as its ability to offer uniquely distributed open spaces that can be easily converted according to your needs. A large swimming pool located at the aft end of the yacht will be the centerpiece of the “Beach Club” area. A second swimming pool will be located on the top deck to entertain guests during long voyages, and a large “crow’s nest”, located above the hardtop, will provide 360-degree views.

The layout includes 5 or 6 cabins, leaving ample space for the crew quarters, which can accommodate 8 crew members plus the captain. The tender is housed in a garage below deck with a side door for launch, a design solution which provides an even greater separation between the guest cabins and the engine room. A unique aspect of the layout is that the tenders are positioned amidships on the lower deck, which can be accessed by stairs on both sides of the main deck. The spaces are intended to be used as a “winter garden” that can be opened or closed with sliding glass panels. The wheelhouse is designed with a “walk-around” console with a sofa in front, to allow guests to take in all of the views. The sun deck offers an array of facilities to enjoy while socializing, and a second swimming pool is topped by a crow’s nest, or observation deck. Powered by MTU 16V2000M61 engines, the yacht can reach a top speed of 16 knots, a cruising speed of 14 knots and a range of more than 6,000 nautical miles at an economical speed of 10 knots.