Videoworks for Sound Lovers and technology enthusiasts.

[dropcap]V[/dropcap]ideoworks, one of the main references in the yachting sector for advanced technology and a/v equipment, designed and customized for megayachts’ interiors as well as luxury homes and smart offices, after their participation in the recent international boat shows, and their recent opening in London in the heart of Mayfair, as exclusive Technological Partner of Rossana Kitchens UK, is ready for the upcoming METSTRADE, the international trade fair where the global yachting community is used to meet after the major boat shows, Cannes, Monte Carlo and Fort Lauderdale.

Rossana Kitchens, the new showroom in London  in partership with Videoworks


Nearly 400 square meters of exhibition space in the heart of Mayfair, in 17 Duke Street. On two levels – ground floor and lower ground floor – the new store is located in a brand new building. Architects have carried out a detailed study on the development of the interior space and the facilities.

In fact, Videoworks realized the integration of home automation systems, lights and lighting scenarios, entertainment (music and film), video conferencing and CCTV. All this, easily manageable by a Crestron-based touch screen. The audio has been studied in detail in order to ensure high-quality sound performances in every ambience, thanks to invisible speakers.

Videoworks: a completely customizable range of technology equipment.

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Videoworks will be present at the upcoming METS TRADE 2015 (Amsterdam RAI 17-19 November) to introduce their latest customized technology for customized technology for life onboard. It matches Audio/Video and IT, combining Entertainment, information and functionalities, while guaranteeing a useful, reliable and easy to use technology.

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[highlight color=”yellow”]FOCUS ON ADDED VALUE AUDIO[/highlight]

Thanks to its know-how in terms of Premium Sound, Videoworks manages to meet every Sound Lover’s need, while guaranteeing quality and unprecedented performances. Many studies and researches lead Videoworks to develop:

  • Smart ambiences, where sounds, images and domotics are managed in an intuitive and “smart” way, via mobile devices.
  • ANC Active Noise Cancelling, an international patented system which allows the reduction of the noise frequencies (engine, power generator) from 8 to 10 dB, thanks to invisible microphones capturing and elaborating the frequencies.
  • Sound Masking, a special phenomenon that isolates the human hearing from unwanted sounds and background distractions. This allows you to focus on the sound you want to hear only, pretending to be in a soundproofed bubble.
  • Dynamic Active Equalization with invisible, hideable Revolution Acoustics Shaker. The speakers are compact and powerful and, thanks to a DSP card, which has been created ad hoc for Videoworks, they release a perfect sound performance, with repeatable, long-lasting results.
  • Internal (hideable and coverable) and external (waterproof and customizable in colors) speakers, which have been created ad hoc by Videoworks, in order to obtain the best sound experiences.

[highlight color=”yellow”]SMART DEVICES: APPLE IWATCH[/highlight]

The research in the Wearable Devices field has continued for Videoworks. After the successful Samsung gear, the Videoworks software has been now integrated in the Apple iWatch as well. As “Fashion-toy”, The Apple iWatch allows easily controlling lights and scenarios, Entertainment (TV, music and libraries) and quickly displaying the calls and the messages from the Owner or Guests to the Crew.

[highlight color=”yellow”]CLOUDED DEVICES AND REMOTELY CONTROLLED DEVICES[/highlight]

Owners often believe the Yacht to be an extension of their homes. Videoworks realizes some of their requests: access the same libraries, the same contents and display the same control interfaces they are used to, by integrating the onboard systems with the systems that have been installed in their homes. The racks can also be centralized in a remote, external ambience, with no need to sacrifice the space dedicated to this technology onboard or at home. In such an ambience, called “Server Farm” and managed by Videoworks professionals, the racks are controlled 24h, allowing then the real time, remotely fixing of possible problems or malfunctioning. Thanks to the “Cloud Any Device” streaming, receiving everywhere your favorite channels will be possible. This is especially important for those international channels that are hard to receive when navigating. For example, in the Caribbean it will be possible to receive the Russian channel Cartina TV. Therefore, with just one decoder, you will have the chance to receive your favorite channels in full HD, wherever you are.

[highlight color=”yellow”]INTERNET MANAGEMENT[/highlight]

(Kerio Control or MYCONNECTION on iOS Cisco) Videoworks has different possibilities to manage the different types of the onboard Internet connections, in a safe, easy way: VSAT, WIFI, UMTS, and FLEET BROAD BAND. The access to the net can happen while being monitored by the administrator (ETO or Captain), who can create and delate users and set scenarios, such as “Owner at works”, immediately establishing who can access the Internet and who cannot and who has the priority in the downloading/uploading activities.


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