Unusual AB Yachts. The new 44mt has been launched, setting new standards for Fipa Group.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]b Yachts – a brand of Fipa Group, leader in the construction of fast open yachts with waterjet propulsion – has launched on July the 7th 2015 at the Marina di Carrara port, its latest and much-awaited creation: the new AB 145.

Fipa Group shipyard, after the latest launches of Maiora and AB boats that took place at the Viareggio and Carrara ports, is getting ready to leave its mark in the italian yachting world. After an accurate planning and a careful construction to which the skilled manpower of the Versilia yachting industry have contributed, the new model and flagship of AB Yachts brand was launched in the port of Marina di Carrara: the AB 145.

AB 145 enhances the AB Yachts range and nurtures optimism in a sector that has been heavily affected by the global crisis, but that with determination and pride can build more and more technological and innovative models.

The AB 145 is a 44 mt yacht with extended spaces both outside and inside; it is indeed [highlight color=”yellow”]the largest of all models built so far within the sporty product range[/highlight] of the Group.

By now the construction criteria that have been chosen for this boat, have become a [highlight color=”yellow”]top priority[/highlight] for AB Yachts. Hull and superstructure made of lightweight materials, MTU engines, MJP waterjets, the deep V planing hull, its lightness and the careful hydrodynamic analysis made by the shipyard allow this new model to literally fly on the water [highlight color=”yellow”]with a speed of over 42 knots[/highlight], with the highest stability during navigation; an [highlight color=”yellow”]unusual speed [/highlight]for a boat with these characteristics.

In its design the AB 145 combines comfort and luxury, safety and practicality, elegance and aggression, tradition and innovation. New and extended spaces are at the owner’s and his guests’ disposal in order to maximize entertainment and relax on board.

As to the owner’s suite, it is located on the main deck, it’s furnished with the bed in a central position from which the owners can enjoy a reserved view through the wide windows located in front of the bed and through the large side windows extended on the whole length of the cabin, irradiating the room with natural light.

A private staircase leads directly to the outside area on the forward cockpit, dedicated exclusively to the owner and furnished in order for him to enjoy the total relaxation in the complete privacy. Furthermore on the right of the cabin there is a terrace on the sea, which gives to the guests another intimate space.

On the below deck, there are four comfortable cabins reserved for guests (three VIP cabins and a guest cabin with twin beds) all with a private bathroom and gym.

Also the crew area is spacious, designed with a special attention to the spaces for the crew: a big professional kitchen, dining area, laundry area and pantry are in no way inferior to the spaces for the guests.

The flybridge impresses with its wide open spaces. Vast spaces and design of the highest stylistic approach are therefore the keywords of this new model created by AB Yachts.

Fipa Group has just confirmed their presence at the next Cannes Yachting Festival (8/13 Sept. 2015).

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