Trieste, the place where Nautica Italiana and Federagenti will develop the new hub!

The new mission “Let’s take back the megayachts!”

The new challange has been announced yesterday in Trieste and it is targeted to regain the richest market in the yachting sector. The new-born Association Nautica Italiana and Federagenti will cooperate for the development of a new cluster for megayacht, with Trieste nominated the new hub in the Adriatic Sea where even in Winter the largest extra-luxury yachts will be able to find their safe Port.


Federagenti and Nautica Italiana signed a [highlight color=”yellow”]letter of intent[/highlight] on occasion of the mega yacht congress which took place in Trieste yesterday. During the conference Federagenti presented uptodated forecast on the development of megayacht Med market. Worldwide the fleet of mega yacht will boast 6044 ship in 2020 from the actual 5164 :65% of new orders to shipyards are for boats over 30 to 40 meters and over 70% of this fleet will base in the Mediterranean in the summer and always in the Mediterranean ( 56%) will seek a safe harbor for the winter.


This is – according to data provided by Federagenti today previewed at the conference organized in Trieste on superyachts from the section of the same yacht Federagenti in joint with the Association of Shipping Agents of Friuli Venezia Giulia – the “treasure” that Italy can and must point, when considering that in recent years (due to fiscal and administrative controls) Italy has literally “devastated” this market, provoking a massive flight of luxury boats from their domestic to other Mediterranean ports.
Federagenti and Nautica italiana, the newly-founded affiliate of Altagamma Foundation that is – as mentioned by the president Lamberto Tacoli – about 80% of the turnover of the shipyards of Italy, have signed a memorandum of understanding that provides the basis for a real cluster of megayachts.
In fact during the Trieste meeting , the president of the yacht division of Federagenti, Giovanni Gasparini, explained the first measures that are to be undertaken so as to promote a massive come-back of mega yacht in Italian waters.
We must upgrade the standard of our services. Gasparini said by showing immediately actionable guidelines:
  1. a code of practice a guidance in multiple languages to provide mega yachts that plan to navigate in Italian waters all the answers to the questions relating to their “stay in Italy”,
  2. a gold sticker which testifies tax compliance of large yachts thus evoiding the absurd and intolerable repetitiveness of controls at sea; this gold sticker will be up for leisure vessels which are transparent as far as crew ontracts, respect of international rusles, environment respect, waste disposal,
  3. promotion of a tourist information system for the sector with high added value, creating a collector of an articulated offering of “elite tourism products”, such as serving the cities of art and the system Italian museum to the owners and passengers of mega yachts. A portal that allows to offer to this market big spenders a range of tourism products of the highest standard, creating a real market dedicated.
During the meeting at the Trieste cruise terminal, local authorities and the President of the Trieste shipping agents, Pietro Busan, illustrated a large sale proposal aimed at attracting mega yacht in Trieste perfectly located in one of the most important areas of nautical tourism, the Adriatic, but also strong of two unique elements: the availability of areas and berths (in the old port); a network of highly specialized companies that can provide answers to the needs of refitting, maintenance and service of large yachts.