There is a Yacht in the City! Azimut Yachts at La Triennale

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or its debut at Fuori Salone, Azimut Yachts has selected the prestigious context of Triennale Design Week (April 17 to 22) to moor a real 21-meter yacht – the S7 –  and introduce the art of yachting to all the international audience which will be present in the city for the most important design event in the world.

S7 running

The impressive installation, created to familiarise the public at large with architecture and design in the world of yachting, doesn’t however limit itself to showcasing the product, but aims to tell a story of experimentation, talented people and excellence partnerships.

The magical adventure of seafaring is told through a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond the boat as a product, raising it to an emotional level by telling the story of the Supply Chain of Beautiful Things.

This is the expression coined by Azimut Yachts to express the know-how cultivated by peerless craftsmen, the quest for cutting edge technical and production solutions, and the creative genius that underpins the way the yacht builder skilfully transforms the finest raw materials, including marble, wood and fabrics, into best-of-breed surfaces, furniture and accessories.

The spirit communicated to visitors is that of La Dolce Vita 3.0, which draws on Federico Fellini’s masterpiece to offer a contemporary take on a lifestyle that marries the ability to enjoy every instant to the full, with a taste for the beautiful things in life. Joie de vivre and the thrill of the sea lie at the heart of this experience, which makes use of 3D immersive technology to give visitors the chance to enjoy the experience of navigation first hand.

Special glasses take them on a virtual tour of various interior spaces on the yacht, with multi-sensory support to make the experience feel even more real. They will be able to learn more about many different aspects and functions of the yacht (including the materials, technology and objects used, with explicit references), simply by looking at what they are interested in.

All enhanced by the scent of the sea, the breath of the wind, the salt taste and that infinite sense of freedom that only the sea can bring. Each evening, at dusk, the yacht will be featured in a light design performance that shows off its outline and style details, adding poetry to the installation, created by FeelRouge Worldwide Show.

Moreover, on Wednesday 18 April, at Teatro dell’Arte, Azimut Yachts will present a world premiere of the two new flagships that will be launched on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the brand, told by the designers who worked on the two projects: Alberto Mancini and Vincenzo De Cotiis.