The impressive Team Italia’s technology at the Monaco Yacht Show

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]At the Monaco Yacht Show, TEAM Italia – international leader in the field of navigation electronics for mega and maxi yachts – exhibited yet another step forward in the innovative technologies developed by its in-house R&D department. The new design and all integrated advanced functions of the new I-Bridge® FUTURA NEXTGEN, as well as all innovations installed aboard of several superyachts on display, really impressed public, visitors, journalists and above all owners and captains.

Even the least technical visitor – or the operator little involved in navigation technologies – couldn’t help but remain pleasantly surprised by the state-of-the-art projects and advanced know-how of TEAM ITALIA.

team italia yachts on display

The innovative I-Bridge® MT system, developed to create an exclusive helm station for each individual owner, combines the cruising experience of the best captains in the industry with TEAM ITALIA’S technical and electronic know-how, creating a user-friendly multi-touch system which can be customized.

I-Bridge® MT is a true evolution of the research and technology present on the market of integrated sailing systems today. The product combines Multi–Touch I-Bridge® technology with the operation of the  I-CHART® table, creating a high-performance, unprecedented union.

The VERSATILITY of I-Bridge® MT technology enables Owners to determine the final layout of their helm station as they want, whilst at the same time allowing Captains to customise the criteria for managing the ship according to their professional requirements.


 The concepts upon which integration of Team Italia with I-Bridge® MT is based involve CAREFUL SELECTION of the navigation sensors, an in-depth study and defining the way in which they are used, how they are set out on the console and integrated into the system. Managing the different subsystems is facilitated by the exclusive MULTICONTROL SYSTEM, designed and produced by TEAM Italia, which enables the control of different devices by means of an operating logic and  standardized HMI interface.


The integrated subsystems include Radar, Chartplotter, Nav Data Conning, Engine Data Conning, Monitoring, CCTV, WHC and other navigation devices. The heart of the I-Bridge® system consists of separate processors which work independently one from the other thus ensuring a high level of redundancy and consequently safety and reliability. Moreover, the selection system that can be activated via Multicontrol, is CONTEX SENSITIVE to the operating environment in which the yacht finds herself at any given time. A range of scenarios for managing data and information in the way most suited to the sailing conditions can be selected from a configurable menu. This architecture makes it possible to attain both excellent on-board systems management and an extremely high level of safety.


With I-Bridge® MT, the control and command systems and the subsystems necessary on board have been integrated into a touch–panel (emergency devices are not included), which respects the different on-board standards and regulations of each and every vessel. In an emergency, the system can be excluded and the main device used in stand-alone mode. The I-Bridge® MT can be remotely monitored at any time, and it is also possible to integrate other on-board devices into the Multicontrol Moduls. Alternatively, they can be added at a later stage without the need to install other hardware or make structural alterations to the helm.

Innovation enables the shipyard to build the helm station according to an Owner’s aesthetic instructions, without having to take into account, in advance, all the systems which will subsequently be integrated. The I-Bridge® MT enables Captains to access the control console many months before the yacht is delivered, in order to test correct operation of the system, all its potentials and insert other modules, if necessary, without having to change the layout of the helm being built.

Many of the electronic equipment currently on sale can be integrated into I-Bridge® MT without the need to modify the hardware and/or software.


Unlike the other mechanical and/or electromechanical integrations (consequently simply aesthetic) available on the market, with I-Bridge® MT, it is possible to create a SINGLE HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE, personalized and easy to upgrade over the years. This means it is possible to have a helm station on your yacht that is always updated with the very best technological developments(benefits which cannot be obtained by means of exclusively aesthetic integrations).

The I-Chart® functions can either be integrated via I-Bridge® MT technology or exist independently through a multi-touch table which can be installed anywhere on the yacht. The I-Chart® potentials make it a useful, pleasant entertainment tool for Owners and guests and at the same time a highly professional, safe device for Captains.Thanks to its independent modules it is able to develop and manage activities ranging from planning routes to integrating  the secondary sailing systems available on the helm station, to the on-board anchoring and supervision systems  system, through to sending/receiving documents, researching information on the web and on-board entertainment. It can all be displayed at the same time on the screen and matched with a tailor-made external design which can be personalised for each installation.

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