SX112, the new 34m Sanlorenzo ready for debut

Sanlorenzo SX112 Zuccon Lissoni

The new 34m yacht is the new innovative flagship of the SX crossover line. SX112 is the new challenge of Sanlorenzo in developing new contents and habitat scenarios, an aspect where Zuccon International Project, responsbile for the exterior lines, has interepreted very well.

SX112 represents the consolidation of a path that began with the SX88, first, and then the SX76, a challenge that continues and is enhanced by new contents, proposing a new way of living on the sea: the barriers on board are eliminated, and the boat opens to the outside, in a close relationship with the marine context.

Sanlorenzo SX112 Zuccon Lissoni

The orchestration has again been assigned to the creativity of Bernardo Zuccon of Studio Zuccon International Project, for the external lines, and Piero Lissoni, art director of the company since 2018, for the interiors.

The focal point of SX112 is the new aft zone which undoubtedly represents the yacht’s most iconic area. Conceived as a spacious internal beach area, it is directly connected to the outside, allowing the yachtsman to enjoy these spaces in a novel way, also thanks to the retractable terraces, maximizing the indoor-outdoor connection. This choice brings new possibilities of design and use.

Sanlorenzo SX112 Zuccon Lissoni

While Zuccon has concentrated on reinforcing the “family feeling” of the range, bringing out certain linguistic choices such as the balance of the volumes and the fluid forms that seem to reference large marine mammals, Lissoni has focused on the subdivision of the internal spaces, in constant dialogue with their outdoor counterparts.

In line with the concept developed for the other models, the main deck has been organized as an open space, an innovative solution introduced for the first time by Lissoni on the SX88, to maximize the relationship with outdoor spaces.

Sanlorenzo SX112 Zuccon Lissoni

Thanks to the wheelhouse placed on the flying bridge, freeing up the bow zone of the living area on the main deck, a single continuous space has been created for the living and dining areas. Staircases return as a fundamental characteristic of Lissoni’s design.

The internal helical staircase extends through three levels to connect the decks, and at the height of the main deck it is enclosed in a transparent oval volume like a precious coffer, enhancing the staircase while making it seem to be suspended in the air. The external staircases have an essential, clean look, in keeping with the principles of racing yachts.

Details and materials are the leitmotif shared by all the internal spaces, selected with care in a combination of Japanese purity and Italian elegance.