Skyacht One, a new dimension to luxury

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ddie Sotto’s background as an experiential designer comes from a non-traditional source, the entertainment industry. He feels that applying the methods used in film design to a yacht or aircraft can add a new dimension to luxury as it has a providence or story. SottoStudios/LA starts with emotion and creates a design from what you want the owner to feel. Skyacht has just been nominated for best Private Jet Concept Design at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards (May 2015, Venice – Italy).

The interior is seamlessly informed by both classic and modern design, while focusing on handmade luxury. The details all reinforce a cohesive “Story” within the practical envelope of an Embraer Lineage 1000E. Skyacht One’s striking faux mahogany fuselage suggests a Ship’s “Hull” and “Rudder”. The Entry lounge features an Italian marquetry mural recalling the “Age of Exploration.” The British Campaign inspired Galley reinforces this theme. Skyacht’s Office and Main Cabin contain bejeweled analog controls embedded in varnished “trusses” suspending intricately planked walls and brass bezeled windows. The Captain’s Quarters features a malachite inlaid Master Bath. Seamless details abound that carry the navigational theme of armillary spheres and Cellarius charts, including vintage China and accessories from Italian designer Piero Fornasetti.