COLLECTION 2020 | The new geometry of interiors

“Creating new products, designing all-round projects, is a constant challenge and allows us to express our distinctive values. Atmospheres with a strong international imprint to highlight our Italian taste. We start from distinct elements that alone remain motionless, unable to express their peculiarities; combined, placed closer, associated they tell stories, visual synthesis, general harmony. Our ideas and products take the shape of environments and architectures. Mosaic, Vetrite, innovative surfaces, furnishings, lights, accessories, fabrics, a single large three-dimensional work. We customize every detail, up to the finishes of the furnishings. SICIS interprets a lifestyle”. (SICIS, May 2020)


MIAMI, CHIC LIVING. To understand SICIS’s philosophy, we present a project realized in Miami where SICIS tell the life of a fascinating open space kissed by an intense brightness, a harmonious vision in the name of elegance. A chromatic dialogue where the elements of furniture blend with the Vetrite walls, like the fireplace devoted to the pleasure of relaxing in the main living room. A fluid layout marked only by a series of multi-level living areas.

In the main room, we find a free composition of Milton sofas, together with two twin Niels armchairs. The round tables of the Liam and Orbital series are combined with the Chamaleon pouf. The double-height living area, at the top, is always furnished with Milton collection and Jules chairs. The lights of the Tris line together with the rugs complete the environment.

The dining area was conceived as a welcoming convivial space, a completely custom project. It is furnished with a custom kitchen with a counter in Vetrite Electic Marble and Amaretto stools. The dining table is the new Osas model matched with Amaretto chairs.


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