“We are glad there is interest in Europe around our new models, – says Tim Schiek, Sea Ray President – Cannes has been the right venue to introduce the L-Class to the european market.”

In the context of Cannes Yachting Festival 2015, Sea Ray presented in Europa the new L-Class series. Ranging from 55 t o 65 feet, this new line redefines the idea of luxury, adding image and design to the usual substance and quality of all Sea Ray vessels. An amazing presentation, marked out by multi-sensorial aspects.
Sea Ray introduced this range to its customers and regional distributors using all their own senses. The touch, through a new catalogue, embellished by a new hard cover with a soft touch; the sense of smell, with a discrete use of a new signature fragrance – especially made by perfume experts for the L-Class; the taste, with “show cooking” and tempting tastings from the famous artisan patissier Philippe Brito; hearing, cheered by the notes of Olivier Hoarau’s saxophone, and obviously the sight, with the last yacht models and the new interior design proposals, with an appealing European twist. Last but not least, the event has been the right occasion to show the newest corporate videos introducing the L-Class different models.


The touch:
Quality you touch with your hand and that you can perceive gently gliding your fingers on fabrics, precious woods, leathers. Over fifty years manufacturing experience, latest technology and finest finishing: with Sea Ray quality does not accept compromises. And today quality expresses itself with a new style: to pose your hand on the L class catalogue and through the soft touch sensation discover a world of design, style and quality. Last models add great emphasis to design, which is among the most appealing factor in Europe. Sea Ray believes style thrives on substance, and this is the main theme and manufacturing philosophy of the shipyard. The Sea Ray promis
e is to redefine customer expectation on luxury, adding substance and value. Materials are integral part of this process, and through manual skills and attention to detail L class is rewarding with quality, practicality and design even the most attentive customer. It is at first touch that cust omer perceives the preciousness and substance of materials onboard the L class.
The sight:
L class design is recognizable in every model: synonymous of elegance and sleekness, offers sportsmanship and glamour at same time. Every L-Class owner enjoys looking at his vessel, surrounded by style and comfort he perceives the sinuosity of the lines, th e perfect blend of colors and the great attention to details.
The sense of smell:
Coming onboard an L-Class vessel you fell the unmistakable fragrance of the materials in use, through their smell you feel their physicality and purity. The leathers, the woods, everything talks to your senses expressing quality and substance onboard. Now L-Class is also a signature fragrance, extending and enhancing the onboard experience. L-Class Yacht center on the French Riviera will be gently pervaded by this new pleasant scent, especially created by perfume artisans experts.
Hearing: Onboard L-Class the care about soundproofing guarantees discretion and relax, fully enjoying the sound of the sea.
The taste: On board an L-Class vessel, areas to prepare and enjoy food are comfortable, stylish and well equipped. A real american open galley allows to set lunches and cocktails, when the wide areas of salon, Flybridge and cockpit are inviting and appealing. Sunset aperitives, family lunches in the hot summer days: relaxing moments onb oard your vessel, with the same home comfort.