Save the Date: Azimut Yachts launches its virtual boat show (May 27-30)

In period of crisis – and crisis management – the most virtuose companies come out with new ideas and new forms of communication in order not to let their public so much far from their products, to bring the yachting community together but also to explore new sales frontiers and opportunities which have never been taken into consideration so far. We registered and visited the virtual area created by Azimut Yachts, it is a very easy-to-use tool where emotions seem not be so much sacrificed because of the lack of real touch with people and products. This experience can be a very useful approach at all levels before stating the new season of boat shows next autumn.

Two new initiatives have been developed by Azimut Yachts: the e-Boat Show series and the Azimut Yacht Virtual Lounge. The inaugural e-Boat Show, running from 27 to 30 May, will provide an opportunity for yacht owners and boating enthusiasts to attend a digital event that replicates many of the key features of a conventional boat show. In addition to product exhibitions, visitors can take part in Live Chat sessions with Azimut Yacht sales managers and experts. They will also be available for scheduled one-to-one video calls in which clients, with the support of their local dealer, can discuss specific needs and obtain detailed information in person.

The location for the e-Boat Show is the brand-new Azimut Virtual Lounge, an innovative digital environment designed to ensure the yachting community continues to have instant and constant access to the Azimut Yacht world and its industry-leading products, technology and vision.

At a time when social distancing and enforced seclusion have served to make people miss and appreciate their passions more than ever, the Virtual Lounge offers a welcome hub for all lovers of the yachting world. It will enable users to experience the Azimut Yachts world through instant access to a wealth of aspirational and informative material such as virtual tours, extensive technical information and both informative and inspiring videos by means of a simple click.

Other features include in-depth articles, live events, behind-the scenes videos and insights into topics ranging from designers to cutting-edge technological solutions.

The Azimut Grande Trideck is one of the major revelations in the sector expected this year. This new flagship, the first trideck yacht ever created by the yard, should be presented by the end of the year.

Whilst both the Azimut Virtual Lounge and the e-Boat Show series spring from re-examining traditional practices and the need to adapt to a situation where meeting in person and travelling to events is suddenly not possible, both initiatives reflect Azimut Yacht’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. By creating these digital focal points for the global yachting community, the company not only strengthens its bond with clients and sea lovers around the world, but also takes another step forward in its drive to create a greener, safer environment for future generations.