Sanlorenzo SL76 and SL86 ferrying into the future

After two decades of uninterrupted success for SL72 and SL82, the entry-level models of the Grp planing range, Sanlorenzo decided to refresh these two models, committing one of the most reputed Italian design company: Officina Italiana Design managed by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta.

sanlorenzo-logo[dropcap]S[/dropcap]anlorenzo recently already acted on the larger models of this fleet, launching in the market SL96, SL106 and the flagship SL118. Time came to work also on the entry-level models.

Beside the renewal of the planing range, Sanlorenzo desired to give shape to its future. Elegant and balanced lines have always defined its yachts. Its market was mainly European and Italian. In these recent years, the customer profile has considerably changed: notably customers are coming from all over the world, from Americas to Russia, from Eastern Europe to Asia. These markets have different requirements and different needs:

  • Larger windows in the superstructure
  • Larger windows in the hull
  • Lift platform

Officina Italiana Design did a great job on the strict and demanding Sanlorenzo briefing, aimed to internationalise the new models, to penetrate emerging markets with compact sizes. In a glance at the profile, the style, and the general look of these two new yachts you can easily find out the Italian designers’ skilled hands, but moreover you immediately recognize a Sanlorenzo.


However, Sanlorenzo is not keen at all to compromise on its fundamentals:

  • Made to measure interiors according to the requests of every single owner
  • Top quality
  • Elegance
  • Balanced lines

OID-logoThus the company chose Officina Italiana Design to ferry all the planing range into the future with these new models, on which many innovations have been introduced and spaces optimized, always respecting the Sanlorenzo’s.

On SL76 and SL86 are applied features to become new standards on all the planing range: the bow is now a living space with sofas, table, sunbathing cushions, and a foldable sun hood.

The sheerline amid ship was cut to let the larger side windows catch as much light as possible and let the guests enjoy the sea view even sitting on the sofas of the salon. This space on SL 86 is longer – 9m, 2.5m more than the previous SL 82 –, is wider, has more light, but – again – doesn’t affect the typical Sanlorenzo sober line, rather releasing a new freshness. The aim was to optimise and maximise all the spaces and to enrich them with natural light.
The stairway to the flybridge has the steps sided by two plate glass. They look like ‘floating’. The staircase is no longer a box, but it is still in the salon like a piece of art.

The SL86 offers two different layouts, to better match different market requirements.

The classic layout has the galley on the main deck and can be arranged as a country kitchen with stalls for the American market.
The other layout places the galley on the lower deck, bordering with the crew quarter and freeing a lot of space on the main deck. In this layout the Vip cabin is forward full beam.

The flybridge is one of the largest in the category with 41sqm extension and 9sqm just for sunbathing. Moreover, with the light, elegant hard top, this all free, symmetrical space is highly and easily liveable and can be completed with a squared whirlpool. For the outside steering station we conceived a completely new dashboard, discretely integrated in the general soft look of this space.

The technical features of SL76 and SL86 are the same as on the flagship SL118:

  • Hydrodynamic hull that guarantees excellent performance at cruising speed and with small consumption
  • Floating floor, to minimise vibration and noise
  • Vacuum resin infusion moulding both for hull and for superstructure, to better control thickness and mechanical characteristics.

Beside these latest solutions, Sanlorenzo maintain some of its appreciated pluses:

  • Same level floor on the main deck
  • 2m rectangular beds
  • Bathroom with bidet
  • Large shower case
  • Glassed and teak topped handrail on the flybridge stern

The lifting swimming platform can come in two sizes. In addition to the standard 1.20m platform version, where a 3.85m tender is stowed in the garage, customers can have the extended 1.60m platform, to stow a jetski and water toys in the garage and a larger 4.45m tender on the platform.

SL76 and SL86 are not only two new, original, innovative yachts, but also a training to develop new features for the larger models of the planing range that can be resumed in:

  • Larger windows and portholes to increase the inside/outside relation
  • Careful preservation of the Sanlorenzo heritage and family feeling
  • The highest customisation level in the category

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