[dropcap]D[/dropcap]üsseldorf 2020 show was the context in which SACS Marine revealed the new edition of Strider 15 to the public and the press.

Strider 15 was the progenitor of a range that subsequently expanded to embrace sizes from 70 to 20m, mantaining transversely a precise identity and iconic style. Renewed in its technical specifications and in its line, still bearing the decisive and dynamic character of its predecessor, the new model results markedly contemporary.The Christian Grande studio, in charge of the style project, worked in sharp contrast with the trend of angular and laconic geometries proposed in the field of inflatable boats. On the contrary, the RIB, the air intakes highlighted by led lights, the organic and never redundant complexity of the lines, made by the vibration of indomitable energy that this boar wants to transmit. The feeling of balance is not obtained by excess simplification; but rather by meticulous control of the details, accents and materials.The bow straight line, more accentuated than in past models, characterizes the new sporty sacs range, enabling to lengthen the waterline and improving performance. The new hard top floats on the cockpit, a precise yet soft sign; the tubes tapered towards the bow increase the side view.