Progetto Bolide, a new design adventure for Exclusiva Design

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith over 36 projects delivered in the last five years, Exclusiva Design is one of the most important Italian design studios with vast experience both in design and in the realization of private and public architectural projects. Exclusiva enters today the superyacht market in partnership with Tankoa Yachts.

Exclusive Design, with their vast experience in complex and challenging projects for demanding and confidential clients, is especially interested in the super-yacht world. Architect and designer Fabio Mazzeo together with manager Vito Taddei, founding members of the Studio, have carefully studied the sector to identify the shipyard that is projectually closest to their quality and building construction philosophy.


They decided for Tankoa Yachts as their partner for PROGETTO BOLIDE, a 72 meter super-yacht, radical both in design and in its interpretation of luxury. Interiors and exteriors here represent something absolutely innovative on the international scene and are the direct result of Exclusiva’s experience and know-how.

exclusiva-design_ph-claudia-pajewski-6121-lrThe approach, flexibility, and executive competence that we’ve found at Tankoa is truly rare”, stated Fabio Mazzeo, Director of Design at Exclusiva. “Tankoa is not looking to produce huge numbers, but to concentrate instead on superior quality, the direct consequence of the passion that permeates the entire company. Therefore Tankoa was seen and is seen as the perfect partner for our Progetto Bolide. I would also like to underline that our technical consultants analyzed the performance of the Tankoa 72 and it was determined to be the ideal platform; this also influenced our decision.”

PROGETTO BOLIDE is based on three key ideas, the result of a year of research and product review which has already passed all the feasibility studies.

The first idea is clearly evidenced by the over 500m2 of ample glass surfaces used on the yacht that seem to blend with the steel hull, ensuring an immediate and uninterrupted view of the sea and the surrounding environment for the owner and his guests.

The second idea regards the functionality of interior space while paying primary attention to comfort. This is all done by innovative solutions and detailing, while maintaining the highest standards of privacy. The perfect example is the owner’s suite: the owner has his own private bathroom, gym, spa, dressing room, terrace and Jacuzzi. A true fully equipped apartment, with completely private access, all within a layout that includes five VIP suites.


Great care has also been taken when designing the transformable areas. This can be seen with the main swimming pool (there are three pools aboard) which can be transformed for events and parties by means of a cover that rises from the bottom of the pool to flush with the deck.


The third key point is the interaction between the inside and outside, which, having been designed by the same design team, coexist in perfect harmony. Available floor space totals an incredible 1,500 m2, 600 of exterior deck and 900 for the interiors.

Even the garages appear different: glass walls reveal the two 7m tenders, rescue boat and various toys.