Preciosa, when light becomes art installation

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]o the Monaco Yacht Show this year Preciosa, among the world leading producers of luxury lighting for interiors since 1724, brought lighting solutions specifically designed or adapted for the superyacht industry. The range consists of elegant installations, varied clusters of light pieces, exquisite solitaire chandeliers and lighting solutions. The portfolio offers various options for crystal glass interior pieces and luxury variations for contemporary yacht interiors. Colour variants and extended design variations correspond with the luxury interiors of their clients.


For each Preciosa glass light piece, dozens of professionals apply their age-old techniques and unconventional, innovative methods, continuously shifting the centuries-old tradition of chandelier production in keeping with today’s latest technology. The use of cutting edge solutions goes hand in hand with the skills of master glassmakers, who pass their craft down from generation to generation.


A lighting installation of exquisite technical detail that offers graceful movement and vibrant intrigue for a room. Each of the hundreds of crystal pieces is handmade by a glass master, sandblasted and fixed in its assigned place in order to create a beautiful suspended assembly. Elliptical openings catch the light, contrasting with the more delicate glow of the piece as a whole.

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preciosalighting_crown_new_interpretation_of_rudolf-fileminimizerCrown | Design by Lukáš Uliarczyk

The whole shape was designed to resemble the crown itself. The Crystal arms are piled up in a circular composition to create the shape of the crown. Crystal trimmings and candles symbolize the gems and stones that adorned crowns in the past. The upper tier ends with candles standing out from the silhouette, creating a halo effect that represents pureness and light.

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preciosalighting_eugene_contemporary_colour-fileminimizerEugene – Contemporary Colour

The collection of new colours for Eugene are extravagant, brave and adventurous, rejuvenating the simple and elegant glass design with a contemporary palette that brings freshness and energy to interiors. The new selection includes combinations and inspirations from nature: fresh green, warm rose, and calming blue, making the options for this lighting piece extensive and varied – it can be incorporated into existing or intended interior colour schemes, whilst the individual colours may also be combined together to provide different moods or themes that also retain an overall synchronicity.

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Emperor Rudolph II truly appreciated the art of crystal cutting. Under his guidance in 16th Century Prague, his glass masters perfected their craft. It goes without saying that an exquisite cut is what makes the perfect crystal chandelier – a work of brilliance with the ability to evoke amazement in all those who find themselves in its presence. Born from the unrivalled craft of its cutting masters, the Bohemian Crystal chandelier is also the result of a carefully cherished heritage and contemporary approach. The idea of refining crystal glass with lead, to allow for more complex crystal cutting and to create sparkling effects came from England, but the Bohemian cutting masters were seen as being the best for its production. The Bohemian Crystal chandelier is a hybrid of a simple, functional glass design, enriched by glass trimmings and chains known from the Versailles and Maria Theresa chandeliers.

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preciosalighting_rudolf_contemporary_colour-fileminimizerRudolf – Contemporary Colour | Designed by Jaroslav Bejvl Jr.

The ornateness of the original Bohemian chandelier is refined, retaining its sense of grandeur but using opaque glass and colour accents to soften the impression, and bring it further into today’s contemporary culture. The frosted surfaces mean the piece fits comfortably into intimate settings, whilst none of the splendour of the original is lost. A collection of lampshades compliment the pearly tones of the glass and offer opportunities for various interior schemes.

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Classical technology in a modern interpretation. The beauty of light is shown in contrast through contemporary moulded glass on the outside and traditional cut glass on the inside. The piece’s transparency and simplicity guarantees a timeless experience.