PLH partners with Protim and launches the antibacterial finishing

In these hard times of epidemics and pandemics, PLH® launches a revolutionary product on the market, a light switch plate specifically developed to neutralise the contagion chain of the repeated touching it is subject to, in private homes and, even more, in public spaces and large buildings.

The new Abaco® finish for the plate, developed by the dynamic Milanese brand, ensures the protection of everyone’s health through a durable and efficient antibacterial covering of all the tactile surfaces, buttons, switches and support frame. The Abaco® treatment is a special process within the PVD- Physical Vapour Deposition treatments, invented by the Italian company Protim®, that can inhibit and even eliminate in a few hours the proliferation of bacteria.

Enrico Corelli, PLH® owner, explains: “This plate is absolutely innovative and unique in its kind. It is the result of lengthy R&D which led us to identify 316L stainless steel as the best material, since it allows the application of the PVD technology directly on its surface avoiding intermediate complex stages of uncertain result that are usually necessary with other metals.”

The research has gone even further thanks to the partnership with Protim®: it is not limited to the definition of a finishing work process, of very high quality and rigorously Made in Italy, but it has also ensured and certified that the antibacterial effectiveness is both real and durable. This result has been achieved thanks to a very stringent series of laboratory tests conducted by the Università degli Studi di Brescia, following the JIS Z 2801/ A12012 Japanese norms, the most rigorous and widely applied in the world.

But technology is not everything: in the PLH® DNA, aesthetics and design play an essential role. In Corelli’s words: “ the PVD treatment, especially the Abaco® one, enhances the material through suggestive decorative effects, that match our aesthetic vision, to make control plates part of the décor, giving an aesthetic plus to the architectural context in which they are placed.

As for all PLH® products, it is possible to extensively customise the Abaco® plate, that comes in three different finishes: Gun Metal, Grey05 and Gold.” Speaking of the Abaco® plate, one could say, interpreting the words of a character of a famous Dostoevsky’s novel, that beauty combined with avantgarde technology will help to save the world.