PLH | Lighting up the interiors with a multimaterial approach

PLH Superyacht Digest January 2018 back cover

PLH is the brand of the Italian company Epic, specilized in the deisgn and production of innovative lighting control systems. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and inspiring design, PLH products PLH products are today installed on luxury yachts of the most prestigious Italian yards and are requested by architects in the residential and hotellerie sectors at international level. Epic was founded by Enrico Corelli in 1996 and today has positioned itself in the highest segment of the market. With Superyacht Digest PLH has shared an interesting and noteworthy path in the recent years. The communication approach developed by the company has been always in line with the creativity of our magazine. The beautiful images created by the company has always enhanced the value of our pages. Here below a selection of the most impactful photos from the PLH gallery published in Superyacht Digest 2018/2019 and more recently in the January issue 2020.

With its products, the company has transformed the simple act of turning on and off the light in a design and technology experience, of which the environment benefits both aesthetically and functionally. These are technical accessories for refined interior design projects, the result of the constant research by the company in the integration of electronic components and materials.

PLH on SUPERYACHT DIGEST April 2018 – Images inspired by the theme of Alice in Wonderland

Each switch plate is a unique product, an object crafted ad hoc and handcrafted. In technical terminology, it is called “a unibody”: each plate is produced from a sheet of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel 316L or DuPont™ CorianĀ®, hollowed out in single mechanical operation by a CNC milling machine. This is not a mold, but a skilled craftsmanship carried out with sartorial meticulousness.


The aesthetical choice is just an act of pleasure. There are 6 collections available – MakeUp, Skin, Slim, Keyboard, Neo, Aria System. Thanks to the multiple possibility of personalization, the plate becomes a significant piece of furniture and an integral part of every room, overlapping with a contrasting effect or disappearing. Leather, marble, wood, silicone, glass, fabric, cement, metal, wallpaper… these are just some of the many high-quality finishes in which it can be made.


Over the years the company has activated prestigious partnerships that have allowed to create even more unique products: De Castelli, Kvadrat, SAI Industry, Haute Material, Jannelli & Volpi, Antique Mirror are the leading companies with which PLH has closely collaborated in order to experiment new ideas and new materials processing techniques.


Together with the activity of assembling the electronic parts to the stylistic components – such as pins, keys, assembly of material – which is followed by the quality control and installation phase, PLH evaluates every type of criticality of the project, from an ergonomic, aesthetic and functional point of view, in order to guarantee the best result to the customers, architects or end users.

PLH on SUPERYACHT DIGEST July 2019 / Back Cover

Today PLH also boasts a consolidated experience in the niche sector of yachts and megayachts, not only from a quantitative point of view because it has supplied over 150 boats, but because it has been able to effectively integrate itself in the dialogue between architects and yards during the design and construction phase.

Combining aesthetic characteristics with technical needs is not always easy and possible, it depends on the flexibility of the product and on how much the company that produces that particular component – in this case electronic devices – is able to intervene promptly on its product to make it easily adaptable during the installation phase.


Thanks to the consolidated experience in the yachting sector, PLH has succeeded in aligning the technical characteristics of the electrical parts with the actual assembly method. This means that even in the case of rapid installations, there is no risk of component failure; moreover the connection method is made smarter so to ensure fewer returns, fewer delays, less costs, a plus that positions PLH no longer just as an external supplier but as a synergic partner for any type of architectural project.