Perini Navi: the Tabacchi family wants Perini back and appeal against the bankruptcy sentence

The possibility of an appeal by the former Perini Navi property (Tabacchi family) was something that could happen after the Court of Lucca issued the bankruptcy sentence against the shipyard some weeks ago. The appeal has now been filed and the case is now pending before the Florence Court of Appeal. As a consequence, this action could suspend, delay or prevent the sale of the company against those entities who have already expressed their interest in the acquisition to date.

Edoardo Tabacchi

The Tabacchi family wants the company back in its portfolio, they believe in the industrial plan they presented before the sentence and with the appeal they aim at practically showing, also under financial terms, how their restructuring plan is solid and deserves credibility and trust. That trust that was not recognized in the first instance by the Court of Lucca. It is in the intentions of the Tabacchi family to keep workers employed, to ensure production continuity of the boats under construction and to guarantee the permanence of the company perimeter, without carrying out company spin-offs or sale of company parts / branches or other assets.

After the first sentence, several companies took steps to evaluate a possible acquisition transaction (Sanlorenzo, Ferretti Group, Palumbo SUperyachts, The Italian Sea Group, then Sanlorenzo+Ferretti Group in joint venture). The Perini brand has – perhaps – an inestimable value, when a brand becomes a style icon as well as a historical one, “making the price” becomes difficult. Better in the hands of its owners rather than “sold to the highest bidder” with who knows what ends. But business is business Without morals, everything is for sale.