Palmer Johnson launches first day boat series

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]first for heritage brand Palmer Johnson, the PJ 63 Sport was designed to take the emerging, counter trend of smaller open yachts to another level of luxury.

The premiere model in the PJ Sport series, the PJ63 offers a more dynamic lifestyle, in a more personal, intimate environment, that is perfect for the everyday. This yacht has a sense of value orientation and invokes a feeling of small indulgences.


This concept of yachting fits perfectly with top destinations such as Miami, the Hamptons, Cote D’Azur and Ibiza. Enjoyed by international citizens who use their vacation homes as their base and prefer day or weekend cruising without the costs and hassle of owning a large superyacht.

“The concept of the PJ63 Sport was to create a jewel in the water. Bringing the know-how and quality of our larger yachts into something that was more accessible to people, giving them the opportunity of owning a Palmer Johnson,” explains Berkeley March, head of design.

pj 2

The PJ 63 Sport is designed with clean flowing surfaces and elegant, curved lines that run uninterrupted from the bow and wrap around the transom as a blade. With the 63 each line has a purpose and therefore keeps its integrity. A strong sweeping shoulder gives an aggressive, yet sensuous presence and profile. PJ signature design codes give the yacht a strong identity that aligns with the brand’s heritage and ensures instant recognition.

The PJ 63 Sport is a true GT high Speed cruiser with sublime ride comfort from PJ’s advanced hull technology, where a slender main hull and sponsons give better efficiency and stability as well as generous deck spaces.

pj 4

March also designed the yacht with a strong focus on the owner. “The boat is also planned around the driving experience for the owner, giving an effortless fun ride. She has the Volvo IPS pod drive system installed in her and this combined with a joystick and DPS option makes docking an effortless task.”

As would be expected, the build quality and standards are from a pedigree superyacht builder, with interiors designed to deliver a mega yacht environment. It is this focus on craftsmanship and materiality that separates PJ from the competition.

“The main focus of the Sport series and in particular the PJ63 is living on the outside of the yacht, and using it as a true day boat with the capability of weekend use,” explains March. “The design of the exterior living was to incorporate a vast open cockpit, whilst still keeping strong flowing lines and a sense of timeless design. The 63 offers a 21ft/6.3m beam with unobstructed views for maximum enjoyment.”

This 21ft/6.3m beam is a key highlight of the boat, being the largest open deck in her class, borne of cleanly crafted shapes with the singular quest of enhancing a sense of harmony with the sea.

PJ once again takes yachting into the future, this time with an open sport yacht that sets new standards in design, performance and comfort and leads the market for an elegant and relaxed yachting lifestyle.