The Mangusta Family continues to grow under the Overmarine’s new strategic plan.

overmarine mangusta mys[dropcap]A[/dropcap]mong the most significant novelties introduced at the recent Monaco Yacht Show 2015, the two new projects of the Mangusta Family created by Designer Alberto Mancini: Mangusta Oceano 55, the latest project in the Long Range line, and the very first 48 metre Fast Displacement yacht from the brand new Mangusta GranSport line. The whole company is currently involved in a [highlight color=”yellow”]new strategic planning and investments[/highlight] focusing on developing products and strengthening the manufacturing and distribution structure. The new challenge today concerns ideas and content, especially technical content. It is in this light that the new line of Fast Displacement Mangusta GranSport yachts has arrived in the Mangusta fleet.


Mangusta Oceano 55 is an impressive three deck yacht with a strong personality and decisive lines. A number of decorative features strongly characterise her design, making it quite simply, unique.

Mangusta Oceano 55 (1)The powerful superstructure wings that move up from aft high up, from the main deck to join the hard top, are a clear example of [highlight color=”yellow”]stylistic dynamism[/highlight]. It gives the ship’s profile a thrust forward, making it both well-balanced and well-proportioned. The wing stations by the bridge are both functional and aesthetic, integrating with the superstructure of the upper deck and reinforcing the style of the bow.

Mangusta Oceano 55 (2)

Space and light without limits

Everything has been designed in order to maintain visual contact with the sea and the excitement of being outdoors. The idea is that of fully enjoying each and every one of the different areas without perceiving any limits to them, and with the comfort of feeling entirely at home.

Glazed transparencies and floor to ceiling windows bring light into the various settings, increasing the perception of space and giving the impression of being suspended over the sea when inside.

Alberto Mancini’s style proposal is based on careful research into both materials and textures, with contrasting warm and cold surfaces.

Mangusta Oceano 55 (3)

Main features

  • The sundeck is developed in 160m2 en plein air where a large hard top creates a huge area protected from the sun. 
  • At bow, the external part includes a 5mx5m swimming-pool with a waterfall featuring an infinity effect which develops over the two decks.
  • The stern has 3 openings providing access to the sea: the central hatch and two side terraces rotate to create an out and out 70m2 fully equipped Beach Club.
  • The full-beam Owner suite measuring almost 100m2 located at bow.


Driven by twin MTU 12V 4000 M73L engines, this yacht has a cruise speed of 12 knots, a pace which enables her to cover a range of over 5000 miles. She can also reach a top speed of 17.5 knots. The stabilisers (both at anchor and underway) contribute to maintaining a high level of comfort.

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Mangusta GranSport 48 (4)This first project of this new line gives birth to a new concept of yacht with unique characteristics: speed, range, comfort, beauty, elegance, and a sporty soul, a true thoroughbred with an elegant, reassuring soul.

The first project of the line is Mangusta Gransport 48. Her design tells of a yacht with a bright personality in aesthetic and functional terms, which reflects the muscular, dynamic lines of Mangusta DNA and has the aggressiveness befitting a 48 metre RPH sports yacht.

“This line enables us to enter a new segment of yachts with sporty lines, very comfortable, that have an extensive range and low consumption,” declared Francesco Frediani, Group Commercial Director “These yachts will satisfy the demands of those Owners looking for high performances during long voyages”.

Stunning to look at, the yacht shows a racy profile. Powerful engine, fast cruising speeds and spacious, functional onboard volumes: this model is able to travel long distances easily, quickly and comfortably.

The decor plays on the contrast between opaque and polished surfaces, light and dark materials studied in detail in order to reflect the light and magnify the various different areas. The result is an elegant environment which welcomes guests into a relaxing atmosphere.

Mangusta GranSport 48 (2)

Main features

  • The swimming-pool and Jacuzzi dominate the bow sun bridge and bring light into the Owner head through the glass skylights on the base.
  • Astern, rotation of the central hatch and two side hatches give life to an out and out club on the sea, with terraces and a perfectly equipped beach area.
  • The flybridge features a central bar designed to serve both areas, the dining area at bow and the living area astern.

Mangusta GranSport 48 (3)

The interiors converse with the exteriors by means of large glazed surfaces in a concept of [highlight color=”yellow”]fluidness and continuity [/highlight]which characterises the entire yacht: the large windows in the salon let in copious amounts of light and a truly unique view of the sea.

The Owner suite converses with the head area by means of a [highlight color=”yellow”]glass door[/highlight], thus creating a unique area where the transparent sky of the head welcomes the refraction of the water of the swimming-pool on the overlying sunbridge.


Thanks to her twin MTU 16V 4000 M93L engines and the presence of stabilisers, this yacht can reach a top speed of 26 knots, in complete comfort, with low consumption and a range of around 3800 miles.

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