Global partnership agreement for Northrop & Johnson and Mondomarine.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Italian shipyard and the prestigious US player have signed a global partnership agreement covering the whole globe excluding just Middle East, Central Europe and Spain markets.

The agreement will involve Northrop & Johnson as a strong support in Mondomarine marketing activities. This synergy will also lead Mondomarine to display itsmodels under N&J’s roof at Fort Lauderdale, Miami, PalmBeach and Singapore yacht shows.

Roberto Zambrini, Mondomarine co-owner and CEO:

“We all are very happy about this partnership with Northrop & Johnson. Mondomarine is today doing great, we are delivering top quality products and we have achieved impressive sales records. We came to a leading position in the EU and Middle East markets and we are now ready for the demanding challenges of the American and Asianmarkets where we could not find a partner better than Northrop & Johnson. Mondomarine and Northrop & Johnson share the same philosophy to carry on their activities, we both are made up of young and motivated staffs for the most precise and effective service to our clients. On the other hand our respective backgrounds grant to our clients an unmistakable gentlemen’s approach to business. For an owner looking for the best quality on an Italian style yacht there is definitely no better team to deal with”.

This strategic agreement ensures Northrop & Johnson will provide its best sales and assistance services to Mondomarine meeting the yard’s criteria of exclusivity and attention to the clientele.

“I’m delighted to be teaming up with Mondomarine,” says Northrop & Johnson broker Philip Bell. “The team and I are looking forward to working with this impressive builder throughout the coming boat shows, as well as integrating the yachts into the sales industry. Mondomarine has an exciting lineup of motor yacht concepts ranging from 30 to 74 meters; with several yachts already under construction, our focus is to assist in building upon this success. Mondomarine is an established and secure facility. Coupled with its attractive pricing, the brand is an extremely strong contender for owners considering Italian luxury yacht manufacturers.”

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Northrop and Johnson was founded in 1949 by Jim and George Johnson with a first office in Madison Avenue in Manhattan. They quickly grew and in the 1960s they expanded with branches offices in the east US. In 1971 Kees Van Vliet opened the first U.S.-affiliated office in Europe and soon after additional offices were added in US, Argentina, Spain and Russia. With more than six decades of longevity, today Northrop and Johnson is one of the world’s oldest andmost respected brokerages with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

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Mondomarine, born in 1915 under the name “Cantieri Navali Campanella”, acquired by Alessandro Falciai and Roberto Zambrini in 2013, has built 62 units so far in addition to the number previously reached by Campanella Shipyard. During the last 9 years, Mondomarine sold 20 yachts over 40meters length, of which eight over 50meters length. The upcoming years will see several important events, such as the delivery to his Owner at the end of 2015 of the 40m SF40 and those, in 2016, of the 50m Superyacht M50 and of the M60s, the first 60m yacht built by the shipyard. All these latest projects are built entirely in aluminium, a distinguishing feature of Mondomarine projects. In spring 2017 Mondomarine will deliver the M40 Explorer.

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