New trends: luxury goes green. The new Visionnaire collection.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith its new collection, Visionnaire talks about a re-evolution in the name of the green values. Greenery is the name of its latest contemporary-style collection, designed to meet the increasing demand for a green lifestyle.

Asking the question “What does luxury mean today”, Eleonore Cavalli, Art Director of the brand, says “the most common response among our customers, design and architectural enthusiasts like us, is to be able to enjoy a green space. One example is Milan “Bosco Verticale”, judged in 2014 as the most beautiful skyscraper in the world; for those of us who live every day in a metropolitan context, the search for a green space where to regenerate ourselves and enjoy a break has become an essential condition. For this reason, we have imagined a green heart, and intimate and relaxing space, on the inside of a contemporary living room that could be located at any latitude of the world”.

The new 2017 collection reflects a greater use of natural materials: wood, stone, marble and new materials with a low environmental impact. The wood used to produce beds and sofas were chosen from reforested plantation system, where trees are selected at the correct age for cutting and then replanting. Regarding spring systems, jute can replace petroleum-based elastic belts as well as padding, created by plant based leavening methods. To replace feathers, hemp, cotton, wool, remy and kapok were used or, for the pillowcases, birdseed and/or linen seed pads were chosen. Natural fibers derived from linen, wool, cotton and remy have been used for the coatings, and the leather has been selected from tanning plants treated with no chemical or metallic “white-white” additives, as opposed to traditional “white” -blue “additives.

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