New offerings for the 2015 by Varazze Marina

2015: Varazze Marina has new offerings including the Fidelity Card for 11 to 16-metre boats, a whole world of benefits for boat owners.

Special for 11 to 16-metre boats. A comfortable and accessible mooring. In every way.

Living at the Marina has never been so pleasant and easy with a dedicated mooring for boats from 11 to 16 metres. Perfectly sheltered by the breakwater and with an unbeatable view, this sunny location looks out over the sea and the mountains. It is near the port entrance, free of traffic, with no complicated manoeuvres required. All the moorings are easily reached by car, with stern parking to facilitate loading and offloading. Naturally, boat owners also have all the Varazza Marina 5-star services at their disposal: quality and dependability most of all.

The Marina di Varazze makes way for catamarans: two moorings spaces for the price of one, parking and plenty of space.

Practicality, speed, charm: catamarans are extremely versatile vessels enjoying a fast and constant evolution that involves large numbers of enthusiasts.

They are adored by both expert sailors and those who venture out to sea for the first time and are approved of by both sailing and motor cruiser fans. Unfortunately, their downside comes if one takes into consideration the mooring costs, mainly, and understandably, due to the size of the craft.

The Marina di Varazze has decided to support the proud owners of these amazing vessels by making them a very special offer: owners will be granted two mooring bays for the price of one, plus a guaranteed parking space and a boat shed. Often the berths set aside for catamarans are located in inconvenient areas of the port and have few services, so being guaranteed greater comfort and service quality could be an important plus.


The Marina di Varazze goes back to its roots: with “Up to 10” small leisure yachts take centre stage once more.

Inflatables, fishing boats, small motor or sailing cabin cruisers. From the very start, small leisure cruisers have played an important part in the glorious history of Italy’s seafaring experience.

After meeting the challenge of catamarans, the Marina di Varazze now aims to entice the owners of boats measuring between 5 and 10 metres (16 to 32 feet) with their “Up to 10” offer: a series of very advantageous offers that provide a range of high quality services in very elegant surroundings, at extremely convenient conditions. Today, a Marina berth means being able to enjoy the sea all the year round in a pleasant and classy environment while enjoying very special services regardless of the size of one’s craft. The Marina views this as a deserved tribute it is happy to pay to the Italian seafaring tradition.

The Marina di Varazze offers its “Serenity Package”: maintenance and management of boats between 11 and 18 metres (36 to 60 ft) long.

All your worries are over. For owners of boats measuring between 11 and 18 metres (36 to 60 ft) the Marina di Varazze has devised a complete maintenance and management package conceived to guarantee owners the utmost peace of mind while the boat is moored and during servicing.  The offer’s 12 month contract includes the following services:

  • Mooring and fender checks during bad weather
  • Washing
  • Opening and closing of the boat cabins.
  • Engine turnover.
  • Air conditioning/heating operation verification
  • Bilge and level checks.
  • Battery check and topping up of water tanks
  • Supervision
  • Assistance for the issue of the blue stamp by Port Authorities

Alternatively, the customer can choose one insurance package that includes an insurance policy, always included in the price of the berth.

Fitness centre, the wonders of Genoa, hotels, car rental: the Varazze Marina Fidelity Card offers all these benefits and more.

Marina hospitality is even more welcoming: the Varazze Marina Fidelity Card benefits just keep coming. Hotels, major attractions in the Ligurian capital, car rentals, and hot spring spas are just a few of the participating businesses and services.

Membership is free for clients and includes access to YachtPass, a service that streamlines bureaucracy and processing times at tourist ports and provides discounts for visiting yachts.

There is also a website and smart phone app for booking a mooring at the port.

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