M/Y Vertige, how Francesco Paszkowski Studio reinterpreted furniture from the 1950’s

M/Y Vertige is the second build for the Italian shipyard Tankoa Yachts. Sold in February 2015 to an expert French owner, the boat was delivered to her owner this summer and made her public debut at the recent Monaco Yacht Show. An aggressive style for the exteriors and a modern, but warm, atmosphere for the interiors, are the result of the exquisite work by Francesco Paszkowski Design Studio, which for the interiors cooperated with Margherita Casprini.


Vertige S501 is entirely built of light alloy Aluminum 5083, decreasing weight and therefore fuel consumption, while guaranteeing ease of maintenance. Her construction was followed attentively by project manager Albert McIlroy, engineer and owner’s representative.


Francesco Paszkowski’s design team:

“The Tankoa S501 Vertige is the result of concerted action between the yard, the owner and our offices. We understood each other right from the start of this project’s development, which was characterized by in-depth research into materials and architectural elements, extremely careful work carried out in the yard – they completed the project with an excellent quality level – and, for the first time in a Tankoa, a plumb bow, giving us a glimpse of the future direction of the yard. As for the exteriors, we went ahead on several different fronts: energizing the dimensions of all exterior surfaces, from the sunbathing areas to the conversation zones; developing the exterior terraces, both fore and aft; amplifying the sun-shaded areas with the use of convertible awnings. We have also removed the aft toe-rails to free-up the view and sunk the glass surfaces into the superstructure, eliminating any obstructions from the inside looking out.”


Margherita Casprini added:

“Being on the same frequency as the rest of the team allowed us to devote extra attention to material and architectural details. The owner was in full agreement with our proposals, and on occasion enriched them with personal proposals, such as having two cabins on the main deck, the owner’s and a VIP cabin, similar but not identical. We satisfied this request proposing the use of different colors for the same materials. The main design idea was to create a style that reinterpreted furniture from the 1950’s; here the rosewood was of fundamental importance. In creating these interiors we added to the choice of materials the combination of various textures and colors like matt bleached uncolored teak matched with glossy rosewood, a high-contrast mix, and the analysis of details like the shape of the steps on the formidable aerial staircase that connects the decks. And finally, the layout of the lower deck and the use of that same teak let us create a luminous and welcoming crews quarters. The result is, without a doubt, the most beautiful 50 meter yachts ever built under 500 gross tons. The level of finishings, both interior and exterior, is in line with what everyone would expect to find on a much larger yacht.”