Mondo Marine’s response to the market: the new M57 EIDOS

Mondo Marine presented the new 57 metres. Created in collaboration with the Venice-based Designer Enrico Gobbi – Team for Design, it is the response to feedback from the market for yachts of this size.

The main DISTINCTIVE ELEMENTS are in first place the elegance, given by neat style lines and balanced proportions and the reference to natural elements which have been cleverly transformed by the designer into stylish details, bringing together the dynamic appeal of the overall design conveys.


Several INNOVATIVE DETAILS in this new design, such as the final elements on all deck’s superstructure which recall large gills, emphasized by an indirect light around the border. Also the imposing fin that encloses the fly bridge has been inspired by the marine world; its structure includes as well large windows that protect the dining and sitting area located on the deck, guaranteeing at the same time an exclusive observation point of view free from impediments.


The whole design is a compromise between the use of EDGED SURFACES AND SOFTER, ROUNDED DETAILS, such as the almost vertical bow which is actually a tense curve inspired by the rake of sailing yachts.

The designer’s distinctive mark is evident throughout the broad use window surfaces that guarantee a CONSTANT DIALOGUEbetween interior and exterior areas.

Long windows upon continuous superstructure surfaces convey to the yacht a very sleek looking profile, typical of Enrico Gobbi – Team for Design’s projects.

The yacht’s profile is also characterized by the various recesses on hull and superstructure which allow to have a floor to ceilingPANORAMIC VIEW from the main deck salon and upper deck salon, and not least from the Owner’s suite.


A most innovative feature in the Owner’s suite is the enclosed 8sqm TERRACE located in correspondence to the private studio and living area. This private area adjacent to the suite benefits of a magnificent and unique floor to ceiling view of the panorama for all the length of the room. Living and bedroom areas area connected by a wide opening with double sliding doors that guarantee privacy, but allows also to create one enormous open space overflowed by a great amount of natural light.

Moving aft, another most unique area of the Mondo Marine M57Eidos is the main deck cockpit in which finds place an impressive 5M LONG POOL with large sun pads around, and a lounge sofa configuration just in front of the main salon entrance. The swimming pool is the focal point of this exterior area and with its front water cascade and internal special lighting effects guarantees to make the scene.

A characteristic that is worth a mention is the IMPRESSIVE BEACH AREA enclosed in the yacht’s stern. Great attention has been placed in the design of this area, which appears as a stylish lounge bar above the sea, disclosed by the opening stern that – when open – transforms itself into a huge beach platform (15 sqm) set up with modern beach beds. The beach lounge and bar are accessible through an internal staircase connecting up to the main deck cockpit.


Enrico Gobbi’s intention was to strike the attention with the design of the yacht stern, being the representative façade of the entire vessel it must be IMPRESSIVE, SCENIC AND EXCLUSIVE. His aim has been achieved thanks to the design of unique aesthetic details and to the meticulous study of the lighting scene, obtained throughout the broad use of indirect lights that create a chill out ambient.

It’s worth to mention also the LIGHTING PLAN studied for the exteriors of this yacht; it has been developed with the intent to amaze, to emphasize the majesty of the vessel and not least to highlight the light and shade effects generated by its exterior design details.

The interior style of the yacht is characterized by a COMPROMISE OD CONTEMPORARY AND MODERN ELEMENTS accompanied by precious coating materials, which definitely gives the rooms a high quality of elegance and luxury. The refined class of the interior areas is emphasized by the use of furniture and decorative objects belonging to the Armani Casa collection (armchairs, wooden loose furniture, table lamps and textiles). The broad use of diffused indirect lights is a constant feature used to emphasize the precious materials and to convey a warm feeling to the rooms.

CLASS AND ENERGY, STYLE AND DYNAMISM have been perfectly combined in this grand project which is most unique and is expected to have great appeal on the market.

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