Meeting MCY in Sanya

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]uring the China Rendez-Vous 2016, this year at its 7th edition, we sat down with Federico Peruccio, Montecarloyachts’s Marketing Manager, and discussed with him about markets and production. The shipyard, which in less than a decade, has brought in the sector a new brand and new products with very distinguishing lines in the small-size range as well as in the largest one, which is today available up to the 105’ model. This in particular did sensational business and garned generally excellent reviews from the press, and recently also in the American market. No doubt “uniqueness” is a key-point in the MCYs history and success, not only in terms of design but also as business strategy. One only dealer per geographical region makes the difference, especially in the most difficult markets to face, such as in Arab countries and Asia. And then one only signature, the Nuvolari Lenard’s, for the entire production.

“The first rule to obtain positive results in the most complex markets, such as the UAE and China, is being represented by a single exclusive dealer actively involved, and recognized, in the territory. Last year we made official our exclusive dealership with SF Marine for the Arab market, and now we are ready to extend our range up to 40 metres. We know we will enter a different segment with this kind of product and we will compete with brands which so far haven’t been real competitors. And exactly for the reason we will be a new player in this segment, we need to strengthen our relationship with local dealers. At the same time, in view of presenting new projects, MCY is also developing new elements. We will work on new larger volumes and we will be able to manage more an more solutions. Then, thanks to the great experience of our designer, Carlo and Dan, who have an extensive background in the top segment of the megayachts’ sector, we have high hopes of a positive feedback with our new products. We will be able to consolidate our ability to combine MCY’s style and design concept with much larger space – which we have already demonstrated with the 105’ –  we have great expectations from this point of view. You will also see how we are working with the new MCY 96, which will be presented next year”.

How would you define your relationship with Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard?

“It is a relationship that goes beyond the business. They belong to our family. Yes, they also work with other important shipyards on very ambitious megaprojects, and they are already known throught the world for what they have created. However, just last week I talked to them, and they have espressed all their gratitude for the great work they are doing for MCY, especially for the great emphasis MCY recognizes to their names. We have a very unique relationship. Their name is a key-factor for us, they represent a sort of added value, rather than a mere style and design choice. Through their skills and background, we can offer an owner of a 100 metre the same level of customization also on a 65 feet, which is an achievement in itself because customizing a 65 feet boat is not for everyone. And for customization I mean the possibility to completely change the layout of the boat, if necessary and requested by the owner. Our custom-made attitude means we give the client the possibility to manage the spaces according to his/her needs, and not limiting his choice to some details, such as colours or textiles”.

Which are your next steps?

“We are living a very positive moment, we have several irons in the fire. At the Boot in Düsseldorf we will be present with an imposing area, for us it is a very important boat show. We welcome our owners from any region from North Europe but also from Russia. More and more Russians run today their business in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and from those regions they can easily reach the event. It is worth investing in that event and in fact we are preparing a unique MCY atelier to welcome our clients”.

Are you working on larger projects, over 105’?

“Yes, definitely. We have a project which financially has already been approved and we are working on it. The design and project is well under way and we are very enthusiast about that. When the shipyard was born, we couldn’t imagine we would have reached the 105’ size, today at the 10th unit, let alone much larger dimension. To our success it also helps the ability of our shipyard to build our boats in a relatively short period of time, only 5 months. The new project will see the light in 2018”.

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