It’s time for Revolution

revolution vripack 1[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s not often that the stars align perfectly bringing together the revival of a famous yard as well as the long awaited keel laying of a bold concept. Yet [highlight color=”yellow”]the order for the 47m Revolution brokered by Swell Yachting[/highlight] for the Jongert yard and Vripack studio did nothing less than that and the owner didn’t stop there.

Revolution is based on the Flow concept of Vripack and although that already ticks a lot of boxes, the owner, Jongert and Vripack pushed way beyond any known limit for this range of yachts. “At 47 meter just under 500GT she boasts no less than 7 state rooms and 6 crew cabins, a 6 meter swimming pool, 8 meter Limo tender and 28 square meter gym. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg”, says Marnix J. Hoekstra, one of the creative directors at Vripack. “Also her technical backbone is the crème de la crème giving her outstanding expedition capability in terms of safety, reliability, comfort and longevity. More than one part hasn’t even invented yet.”

Vripack is widely known for its novel and ultra user friendly layouts and this yacht doesn’t disappoint. The lower deck guest state rooms are directly connected to the crew cabins allowing for quick undisturbed service access. A central stair case is available for the crew as well as for the guest. Right at the back you’ll find the giant jet stream pool with separate jacuzzi. “As the owner is an experience captain who enjoys sailing his yacht more than anything, we placed his quarters on the bridge deck with a running machine at the steering wheel and his bath in the Gull Wing giving rear and front unobstructed views.” The top deck boosts a full blown gym and sports-bar.


“When you walk through the interior everything is where you expect it to be, yet she has an unconventional layout”, continues Marnix, ”her smooth interior layout is balanced with a masculine layering exterior design. When you take a piece of paper in your hand, fold and cut it and place pieces on top of each other you get the effect we created. The visual disconnection between the various surfaces reveals a continuous champagne golden lit infinite line making Revolution stand out from the crowd also at night time when you sail up with the limo from a romantic dinner on shore.”

revolution vripack 2

“About the interior décor I can’t reveal anything other than that she is as much the yacht of the sportive adventurous owner as well as his lovely wife and playful kids. They came to us for a globe trotter which can safely handle the Seven Seas and provides the comfort of a family home and got nothing less.”

Mooring without lines

Following the holistic signature the yard team together with the Vripack engineers created a diesel-electric drive train which to date is only available for bigger yards. “The biggest benefit is for the owners as the engine room is about 50% smaller than normal due to the space efficiency of electrical drives and electrical pods. Those Veth pods by the way aren’t even existing yet. Veth is inventing them as we speak.” Another innovation which will be created is the mooring system that will allow the yacht to be docked without any mooring line hooked or anchor dropped.

revolution vripack 3

“With Revolution we created a yacht that stops you from turning the page. She features the most sought-after form which follows function, embraces our holistic philosophy which lead to a masculine exterior and smooth interior with cutting edge naval architecture. Our creative signature to finely balance apparent contradictions like raw and smooth is really translated well by the team in this yacht”, Marnix concludes.