The “bien vivre and bien manger” in the South of Italy with the style and class of Châteaux & Hôtels Collection.

logo Châteaux & Hôtels Collection 40 ans[dropcap]O[/dropcap]wned by Alain Ducasse, the brand celebrates this year its 40th anniversary. And it does by adding to its collection of exclusive locations – currently including 520 destinations above all in France and Italy, charming hotels and gourmet restaurants, two further prestigious places in Puglia (Apulia), one of the most fascinating southern regions of Italy. I Luoghi di Pitti in Altamura and Tenuta Monacelle in Selva di Fasano, two elegant estates that perfectly reflect the original and typical personality of their owners and the genuineness of the land, reason why Châteaux & Hôtels Collection chose them as ideal destinations for a memorable stay among local traditions and customs,  environment and refined places.


Located on one of a hill of the Murge plateau in the province of Bari, the city is very well known for its particular quality of bread made from durum flour and called Pane di Altamura, which is sold in numerous other Italian cities and considered. In 2003 Pane di Altamura was granted PDO status within Europe and by law, it must produced according to a range of strict conditions, including using particular varieties of wheat, a certain specification of water, and a consistent production method.

Altamura’s main landmark is the Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose construction was ordered in 1232 by Emperor Frederick II, becoming in the course of the centuries one of the most venerated sanctuaries in Apulia.

Strongly influenced by the Gothic Architecture, typical of the time of Frederick II, the main external features are the rose window, with 15 small columns radially intermingling, and the Gothic portal, set into the entrance portico standing on two stone lions. On the arch of portals are sculpted 22 panels with scenes from Jesus’ life. The interior, with a nave and two aisles, has stone presepe by Altobello Persio (1587).

I Luoghi di Pitti, Altamura.

Art and land, relax for body and soul.

At I Luoghi di Pitti – Masseria San Giovanni, in the heart of the Alta Murgia National Park in Altamura in the province of Bari, the air smells all its typical fragrances and aromas that the land naturally gives, wrapping the visitor, the guest, the traveller in a pleasant multisensorial experience of landscape appeal and architectural beauties.

I Luoghi di Pitti

I Luoghi di Pitti is a masseria (manor farm), is a place where nature and culture meet. I Luoghi di Pitti occupies a fortified farm of the sixteenth century, transformed in the course of time before in noble residence and today, after a peculiar refurbishment by the Family Moromarco, in an extremely and originally fascinating relais hotel.


Both as exclusive holiday, under the sign of relax and food and wine varieties, and as location for meeting, formal occasions or wedding parties, I Luoghi di Pitti is the perfect place able to meet every organizational need and satisfy all of its guests’ expectations: courtesy, impeccable mise en place, haute cuisine with all flavours and tastes of the local traditions, excellence service, and finally a rural, almost enchanted, place where the original architecture is harmoniously mixed with the most modern design and unique pieces of furniture created by local artists and artisans.

I Luoghi di Pitti Châteaux & Hôtels Collection (9)
The Hall

Living the land is the central point of the whole experience by Châteaux & Hôtels Collection in this historical residence, among the best rated hotels in Italy. Oaks and olive trees, flowers and aromatic plants color the surrounding paths and help the sense of belonging to a gastronomic tour in a refined and harmonious place where to enjoy the land, traditions, hospitality and the typical food and wine offer.

10 suites in front of a breathtaking landscape, Altamura on one side, wide fields on the other side, when the old and the new coexist, where the paintings of the eighteenth century create important backgrounds for simple but elegant furniture for the highest comfort and total pleasure.

I Luoghi di Pitti enchats the guests with the striking atmosphere pervading its hypogea, vast complex of underground tuff caves, where natural light creates warm and romantic spaces, perfect scenery for an unforgettable banquet. To the “just married” couple an underground romantic cavern-suite with modern design has been created to live a even more unique and memorable stay.




Not far from Altamura, tourists and guests can continue the genuine experience of the land by visiting Alberobello, near Bari, famous for its authentic and unique Trulli buildings, white, cone-roofed houses, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996.

The town, entirely made up of Trulli, creates a fairytale scene which never fails to enchant visitors to this part of the region.


There are many theories behind the origin of the design. One of the more popular theories is that due to high taxation on property the people of Puglia created dry wall constructions so that they could be dismantled when inspectors were in the area. It seems to have been founded in the XV century by the Acquaviva family, the Counts of Conversano, but it was only from 1635 that the town really began to develop, under the influence of Count Giangirolamo II, called “the squint-eyed”.

Trulli: the unknow meaning of their pinnacles and symbols

Today Trulli, originally constructed as temporary field shelters and storehouses or as permanent dwellings by small proprietors or agricultural labourers, are no longer used for living and working in the fields. Many trulli are now let as holiday homes, and have been restored and redectorated in a contemporary style.


Some Trulli show a symbol painted on their roof, maybe connected to some ancient astrological or religious meanings; the same unknown origin belongs to their pinnacles of different designs – disk, ball, cone, bowl, polyhedron, or a combination thereof – and supposed to be the signature of the stonemason who built the trullo.

Tenuta Monacelle, Selva di Fasano.

Magic and Traditional Cuisine.

Only 15 Km far from Alberobello, in the province of Bari, among hills dressed of olive trees in Selva di Fasano and the line of blue Adriatic, there is Tenuta Monacelle, an oasis in the heart of Itria Valley. It is a Trulli Village surrounded by twenty hectares of land inhabited by pine trees, cherry trees, perfume and stories that seem to have remained motionless, in the plots of the most profound and precious past. The value of a uncontaminated territory, combined with the elegance and comfort of a home that can be placed at the highest levels of hospitality and catering.

Tenuta Monacelle offers 7 trulli all furnished in epoch style with every comfort. It will be like to wake up in a fable. Each trullo creates a warm and an elegant atmosphere in the unique style of the Estate.

Between the green of the park, in the shade of oaks, pines, olive trees, the Masserie of Tenuta Monacelle  are a tiny plot of tufa from Lecce able to accommodate the stories of travelers who wish to combine the pleasure of a time immersed in the gentle sounds of the nature with an experience of contemporary design, without excess.

In perfect agreement with the traditional architecture and cultural environment, guests can enjoy relaxation, beauty and the special local cuisine. Inside the Village there is the restaurant “Il Ciliegeto”, special and unique, housed in Trulli. The lighting, formed in limestone jutting into the interior of the “cannela” (the vault), creates, with the care and the elegance of the furniture,  a suggestive atmosphere suitable for any occasion.


Here, the elegance and authenticity of the products united to the land of Apulia, the respect of the oldest traditions of the cooking and friendly service combine to magical and fairytale atmosphere.

Tenuta Monacelle_Châteaux & Hôtels Collection (17)

In the splendid dining room, in fact, guests can taste the typical Apulian specialty, the unmistakable smell of the Mediterranean tradition, but do not miss the chance to savor the delights of international cooking. The chef of the estate prepare  personally each dish made with our natural ingredients, served with competence and courtesy for the exclusive pleasure of the guests. The wine-carte, finally, offers an accurate and prestigious selection that you can enjoy under the careful guidance of our sommeliers.

Tenuta Monacelle_Châteaux & Hôtels Collection (10)

Tenuta Monacelle is the ideal destination for those in search of an axclusive solida under the sign of wellbeing: along the paths throughtout the village guests can reach the swimming pool area, surrounded by trees and plants and some design elements and comfortable pieces of furniture – sunbdes, sofas, rocking chairs.

Tenuta Monacelle_Châteaux & Hôtels Collection (16)

Here guests can enjoy massages and beauty treatments or simply enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the sunshine, strolling through the spacious park  along its paths. For those who love the sea, a transfer service with a shuttle bus is available for all guests from the village to the near private beach. Finally, to enjoy the landscape and discover Puglia, guests can also rent e-bikes, Electric and ecological Bikes with guided to discover the territories and true flavors of Apulia, its historic mansions, farms, and cuisine.


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