Isa Yachts M/Y Silver Wind, When the Made in Italy becomes pure state-of the-art!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t Monaco Yacht Show 2014 ISA Yachts presented SILVER WIND, its first ever ISA 140’ (43,63 meters) composite motor yacht, the only yacht combining very high performance with low consumption. But, beyond performance and innovation, Silver Wind holds the absolute elegance of Italian style.


First yacht with the combination of water jets and hybrid propulsion

One of first yachts using variable rpm generators

Most sophisticated interior for yacht in this class

Most innovative bridge incorporating augmented reality

One of the first yachts using active noise cancelling

SILVER WIND is a 3-deck planing composite motor yacht characterized by innovative design where interiors and exteriors are perceived as a well-balanced, elegant and relaxed environment. This stunning 43m balances light indoor areas with generous outdoor deck spaces, creating an open environment that emphasizes panoramic sea views while ensuring privacy.

The exteriors by Andrea Vallicelli give the yacht a strong personality and unique charm. Strong diagonal lines run from the sundeck to the stern, creating dynamic and powerful shapes. In her 4 cabins, SILVER WIND can accommodate 8 guests, who can enjoy navigation on the yacht extensive outdoor spaces: a huge sundeck, a cosy beach area and a generous swimming platform. Comfort at anchor is guaranteed by fixed fin stabilizers with electric actuators.


The Interior design, signed by Valentina Zannier (Nuvolari & Lenard) is immediately perceived as the perfect balance between a sober classic style and a contemporary mood.

Silver Wind harmoniously collects a relaxing combination of timbers such walnut, high gloss ebony, satin rosewood and bleached walnut. What mostly catches the attention is how the main materials are mixed, woods and precious stones like onyx and marbles are blended with special decorative elements, artglass cascade, mother of pearls trimming and carved metal panels.

Fabrics are surely one of the most interesting design motifs, Armani Casa and Hermes upholstery distinguish the wall’s decoration repeating a pattern which is a trait and a tribute to early 20th century French style, as well as the metal straw marquetry which accompanies the other sophisticated finishes in the main deck that includes the owner apartment.

Ivory onyx and arco iris onyx for the Owner bathroom, azul macauba, rosa Portugal and cipollino Greco are the marbles chosen for the guest area, further enhanced by the handmade custom mosaic by Sicis, the well-known Italian high-end contemporary mosaic factory.

The awesome large salon has different areas where guests can enjoy various situations such watching movies, having conversation in the relaxing and generous aft sofa area.

Dining area is where form and function are harmoniously married, the custom designed table is meant to be the reflection of the radial wooden marquetry in the floor, the exquisite chandelier over it and the sea view complete the feeling of being in the best place on board while having formal dinners.

Other renowned brands like Fendi Casa, Porta Romana, Armani Casa e Charles Paris have contributed to make Silver Wind aprestigious, refined and high-class superyacht.


Thanks her unique hybrid propulsion system developed by Siemens and ISA Yachts, SILVER WIND can both run at the maximum speed of 32 knots and a cruising speed of 26 knots with a “traditional” propulsion system consisting of two marine diesel engines driving two Rolls-Royce Kamewa waterjets through reduction gear-boxes, and navigate at low speed of 8 knots with two main engines OFF, where the two waterjets are powered by the two electric motors connected to the gearbox. The same electric machines connected to the gearbox can work as shaft-generators during cruising, where the diesel generators can be switched off. The two diesel generators also supply power to the electric users and can work at variable speed, minimizing therefore the fuel consumption, the noise, the emissions and the maintenance needs. At electric mode, the total fuel consumption is 90 l/h for a range of 2600 nm, so extremely important for yacht transfer without guests onboard, as consumption goes from 55 l/nm at max yacht speed to 11 l/nm with electric mode on. Last but not least, when anchoring, with a reduced last of the board consumers, the diesel generators will run at reduced speed, with great benefit for the overall comfort.

The advantages of hybrid propulsion are countless. The large flexibility of operation modes in the first place. Then, depending on the operation mode of the vessel, the main engines and generators run less hours per year and, when in operation, at higher loads. Both lead to less required maintenance cost. What is more, the main and auxiliary diesel engines can always operate at its peak efficiency, thus reducing the specific fuel consumption and gas emission. This shall also result in a drastically lower noise level in overall yacht ambient. At 8 knots people on board have a feeling as to stay on a sailing yacht. Last but not least, there is a drastically improvement of the redundancy. If the generators set fails, two shaft generators will operate the electric users; if the main engines fail, the two generators can power the propellers.


Since the beginning of the project, 2 years ago (2012), ISA 140’ project has involved a lot of TEAM Italia and TRANSAS R&D departments as well as the ISA Yachts’ Technical Office. For the first time two major players in the international marine electronic technology applications have created a unique team-work, developing new tailor-made solution and project. Redoubled benefits for ISA Yachts and above all for the Owner who has been the main booster of this new concept.


logo_team_italiaThe final product is a TEAM Italia I-Bridge® wheelhouse integrated with TRANSAS. The control system has been designed to create a dialogue between the two technologies at the highest of their functionalities. Moreover, TEAM Italia has deeply managed the lay-out both on the aesthetical and functional points of view, studying the ergonomics and engineering the technical areas under console.

Augmented Reality is one of these new technologies realized by Transas that benefits navigators on their duty and it will give a navigator an incomparable situational understanding with a blink of an eye. In bad visibility, at night or in barely charted areas, Transas Augmented Reality technology will give you for the first time a full picture: sensor input from the forward looking sonar, chart data or position and route data are integrated with a video of the surroundings. As you see the reality and you have relevant information combined, making efficient decision never was easier.

 Just a glance at the wheelhouse, with its high level of finishing is enough to immediately understand the hi-tech nature of this high-performance superyacht. Five monitors 24″ Touch-Screen HD, one 28’’ Stretch and four 13″ MMD HBB one of which dedicated to manage the Rolls-Royce Kamewa engine system, make the console incomparable both for the lay-out and above all for the functionalities offered.

TEAM Italia has also engineered and configured the fly-bridge in order to allow the complete efficiency and the management of all sensors and the subsystems already in the main bridge.

The final result is a highly technological and pioneering I-Bridge, second to no other in terms of customisation and integration, always in full compliance with safety regulation.


The audio/video, domotic and entertainment integration on board has been made by the Italian company VIDEOWORKS.

The 4K UHD technology and the use of high level products as Bowers & Wilkins and Rotel in the Main Salon and in the Owner Cabin allow the Client and his Guests to enjoy the maximum comfort and the best audio/video technology available on the market.


logo-videoworksThe domotic with light, curtains, air conditioning and entertainment control are easily managed via IPads in all areas of the Yacht, with ease of use and fully customized graphic.

The Airplay system allows to listen the favorite playlists where and when desired and the Apple TV, easy and intuitive, gives access to an important audio on demand storage upon iTunes library and movies on Kaleidescape library.

The Airplay system allows to listen the favorite playlists where and when desired and the Apple TV, easy and intuitive, gives access to an important audio on demand storage upon iTunes library and movies on Kaleidescape library.

Silver-Wind-MS-0926-Master-2-300x198Thanks to the innovative ANC “Active Noise Cancelling” system patented by Videoworks in cooperation with DII of the “Politecnica delle Marche” University, installed on board inside the cabins around the bed, the Owner and his Guests will boost their comfort experience on board.

The ANC works by emitting an acoustic wave identical to that of the noise but with opposite frequency, creating a virtual and futuristic no-noise bubble that protects from the typical low-frequency noises.

Moreover, Videoworks took care also of the Light Engineering, as support to the Architect, studying also the best lighting scenarios implemented with Lutron systems which grant electronic control and in-wall keypads appropriate to the high level of this project.

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