Interview with Burgess, leader in the megayacht market for 40 years.

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]eader in the megayacht market for 40 years, with a strong presence worldwide covering all areas of the industry from brokerage and charter to new build and management of yachts over 40 metres, today Burgess is one of the most respected brokerage house with a very vast range of superyachts, from the ultra-modern design to the authentic classic.

After their recent success, concerning the contract sign for the sale of the new 77m Silver Fast and the sale of two megayachts in only 10 days (M/Y Kate and M/Y Turquoise), we took the occasion to talk to Alev Karagulle, Director of Marketing & Communications, BURGESS.

burgess logoInterview with Alev Karagulle – Director of Marketing & Communications, BURGESS

1) What’s the main aspect that today makes a megayacht a product of elegance and style, the main features that creates the immediate feeling with the new owners?

The main aspect is the personalisation. A new megayacht is generally entirely customised and will have been designed to the specific brief of the owner to create a very unique environment with innumerable personalised features. Such vessels today have all the required attributes to enable the owner to enjoy the lifestyle of choice on board – infinity pools, spa facilities, fully equipped gyms, cinemas, teppanyaki bars, watersports centres and so forth.    

2) As professional, from your point of view when you visit a boat for the first time, how can you identify its potential market?

It’s not always possible to generalise, but as a rule, Europeans prefer more neutral interior schemes whereas Middle Eastern clients like richer more extravagant designs with a greater focus on interior volume than deck areas. Russian clients have a preference for newer yachts with plenty of both interior and exterior space. American clients make up a large percentage of the superyacht market and their tastes tend to vary considerably, often according to the age group – ranging from contemporary yachts as favoured by those in their 40s and 50s to more elaborate, traditionally styled vessels for the older generation.   

3) What are the top destinations this summer 2015?

The top destination is always the Mediterranean, especially the Western Mediterranean. This summer has seen a rising trend in the Balearics due to the relaxed charter legislation. Croatia and Montenegro also continue to grow in popularity with each passing year.

4) What are your expectations for the upcoming boat shows?

The boat shows are really a continuation of the ongoing dialogue with clients who are already in the market to buy, sell or build a yacht. They provide a good forum to meet existing clients, cement relationships and carry out inspections of a number of yachts quickly in a convenient fashion. There is always optimism that new clients will result, but boat shows often fall short of delivering any significant new business in this respect.

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