Heesen Yachts, a new 85m dry dock under construction

Heesen announce the kick-off of construction works for the new 85m dry dock at their facility in Oss. Construction work started on June 15, 2015 and is scheduled to be completed by October 2016. The official inauguration will take place on November 11, 2016.

The Heesen Board of Directors stated:

“The new 85m dry dock is our investment in the future and our response to the market request for bigger yachts. The success of the 65m FDHF Galactica Star,– the largest Heesen currently at sea – and the impressive 70m Project Kometa currently under construction, are creating a lot of interest in Heesen from repeat clients, as well as from owners who are new to our brand. We are now ready to further expand the size of our yachts on offer up to 80m.”

The new shed and its dry dock will be equipped with the latest features to create the best possible working environment. Temperature and humidity controlled, the dry dock floor will be heated and automatic sun tracker lights on the roof will reduce the use of power for lighting by 25% to optimise illumination. A high quality air filtering system further provides optimal conditions for the painting process: 60,000m3 of air per hour will be filtered through special filters using 70% of the air intake from outside and 30% recycled air.

The new shed will be replacing sheds no. 2 and 3, both built in 1995, and will measure 98m x 30m x 22m. The dry dock will measure 85m x 17m wide x 22m. To make the dock watertight, 2,000 cubic metres of concrete will be employed, while 500 tons of steel will be used to build the hall. The dry dock will contain 6,502m3 of water and it will take approximately one day to fill it.

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