Heesen expands its facility in Winterswijk

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]eesen has announced the expansion of its facility in Winterswijk, province of Gelderland – the home of its renowned interior workshop. Located just over an hour’s drive from Oss, the facility was acquired in 2000, under the name ‘Oortgiese’. Originally established in 1940, Heesen Interiors has created the most luxurious, award-winning interior furniture exclusively for Heesen yachts for the past 34 years.

Today’s expansion consists of 2,240 square meters of new production space, which brings the total production area to 8,100 square meters. The office space increases by 332 square meters reaching almost 1,000 square meters.

Concurrently with the facility development, Heesen is hiring 30 new employees, who will bring the total workforce in Winterswijk to 130 highly skilled artisans. The expansion of both the facilities and workforce comes in direct response to the increase in size and volume of the yachts being built by Heesen today. In turn, the level of sophistication and expertise required to produce interiors on this level means more space, more equipment, and more artisans.

Building luxury interior is about handling precious, sometimes irreplaceable materials, and managing a team of highly talented craftsmen. Heesen is one of the very few shipbuilders to have an entire in-house department of specialists. Cabinet-makers, upholsterers, joiners, French polishers, painters, CNC operators, draftsmen, project managers, engineers – the list of people is as long as the list of requirements to create a custom Heesen yacht.

Excellent Dutch craftsmanship and continuous innovation have been the driving force behind the Heesen brand. Having an entire in-house department of interior specialists guarantees consistent quality and custom design creations that spark the imagination of both clients and their designers. At Heesen, there is no such thing as mission impossible. Heavily investing in the acquisition and the training of young talent is the secret behind Heesen’s award-winning interior creations.

Heesen Interior

Henry Schreur, Managing Director of Heesen Interiors, joins Arthur Brouwer, Heesen CEO in commenting on the expansion: “We look forward to the official opening of the new work space in September and are ready more than ever to continue the tradition of building precious interiors to the highest Dutch quality standards.”