Gulf Craft’s challenge, a different approach in the yachting sector.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he United Arab Emirates-based superyacht manufacturer Gulf Craft was present at the recent Monaco Yacht Show with its largest superyacht ever showcased in Europe, the Majesty 135. The participation of the Arabian shipyard, which is among the world’s top 10 superyacht builders, was more than a simple participation to the boat show, rather a presence targeted to redefine the luxury concept.

foto erwin bamps
With Erwin Bamps, CEO Gulf Craft

“Our presence at global yachting events is not only about showcasing our capabilities, but also connecting with existing and prospective customers to complement our next creations. We do not rest on our laurels at Gulf Craft – it’s always about moving forward and developing the next plan to intrigue and impress our passionate customers” said Erwin Bamps, Gulf Craft CEO.

Gulf Craft’s participation at the Monaco Yacht Show follows the recent launch of its largest superyacht yet, the Majesty 155. The displacement superyacht, a company first, takes the shipyard’s semi-custom capability to the next level, with cutting-edge technology sprawled across 47 meters of luxurious perfection, both in style and functionality.

Gulf Craft, founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1982, boasts a distinguished reputation as a manufacturer of world-class craft, with an unrivaled range of yachts and boats, starting from 27 feet and reaching 155 feet in length. State-of-the-art technology and innovation design, but also the finest materials and fabrics, these are the key-points of the Gulf Craft’s offer, combined with their ability to build unique products, according to the Owner’s choices.

Gulf Craft Majesty 13511

“We build unique products with the best quality available in the market without having  to charge a premium price, mainly thanks to our A-to-Z in-house production and capacity to optimize costs. Clients simply pay for what they get, a high-quality product, best materials, high-technology at the right price. And this is the way we build and grow our clients’ confidence and trust” said Mohammed Hussein Al Shaali, Chairman of Gulf Craft.

Gulf Craft Majesty 13501

This is why rather than focusing their efforts on aggressive product marketing, Gulf Craft invests more towards corporate communication and identity as main tool to make their clients aware of their values, capacity and skills.

“If we invest more in preserving and growing our client’s confidence rather than in product marketing activities, our clients will become our best brand ambassadors in the world. They have a full experience and knowledge of our products, which they can therefore pass on to other prospective clients” adds Erwin Bamps.

That’s the strategy followed by the company since their very beginning. To date they have produced more than 9,000 crafts. As declared by Mohammed Hussein Al Shaali, Gulf Craft is today exactly what it was at the beginning of its history. It is simply the story of a shipyard that grew with its clients, building with them long-lasting relationships. That’s the key-point, secret ingredient, of Gulf Craft’s success. It’s an opposite way to approach the market. “We don’t sell products, it’s the client that buys our product”, states Erwin Bamps.

Not a common way of doing business, basically at the roots of this strategy there is a cultural approach that clearly makes this vision an effective way to lead a company towards a prominent position in the global yachting market. An unsual approach that also makes the difference within the market, giving strong personality to the company and an easily recognizable identity.

Gulf Craft Majesty 13502

The same low-profile approach is given to the luxury concept, where luxury means uniqueness, because the product derives from the relationship between shipyard and client, from their exchange of visions. The Majesty 135 is the real evidence of their different luxury concept. Although owned by a Middle-Eastern customer, if you expected to visit highly sophisticated interiors and to be magically and completely immersed into The Arabian Nights atmosphere, you are wrong.

Visiting the M/Y Jewel Majesty 135 is an incredible surprise. It’s one of the most sober, maybe the most sober superyacht ever showcased in the shining Monte Carlo, yet very elegant. With a kitchen conceived to be a space shared and lived by the crew and guests together. With comfortable spaces for the crew. Because the crew on board a Gulf Craft boat is a key-value, it’s something which owners should learn to invest in, because if owners take care about the crew, the crew will take care about the boat. And this will guarantee a longer life to the boat, less money to spend in maintenance and more respectful labor relations.

Gulf Craft Majesty 13508

Luxury on board a Gulf Craft product is the ability of the shipyard in giving clients exactly what they desire and need, it’s the capacity to translate their lifestyle into a boat, where made of perfection, high-quality materials, taste, personality and functionality.

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