Editorial | Style and New Contents (January 2017)

[two_third][dropcap]F[/dropcap]uture is full of questions and changes. The rich have to think about their wealth and how to preserve it through their future generations. Leading companies how to maintain the allure of their products.

Versace will reduce the number of their fashion shows from eight to six this year, concentrating more on private events. While Dolce&Gabbana continues its love affairs with millennials involving “ordinary people” who have become “social media celebs” thanks to the web. The luxury sector is again in a state f change. Maybe brands have realized that, despite the popularity of their products, only few people can really afford them.

As to the shipyards, some are discovering the world of art and global art events. Some others, to increase the brand experience, launch their online store for the sale of luxury fashion accessories. There is also a noticeable trend towards famous residential interior designers who are asked to design – for the first time – the ultimate yacht experience.

It is exactly in this context, where much attention is drawn to new contents, albeit more inspiring than substantive, that we have dedicated this issue to the style icon Iris Apfel, the 95-year-old legendary interior designer and fashion icon whose eccentric look has inspired countless fashion fans from many generations, and nothing less than nine US Presidents. A real global reference for interior styling, albeit outrageous and extravagant, also admired for her lifestyle, forever grounded by the same principle: she does what she pleases, irregardless of convention. One of the few people who with her natural inclination for creativity gave birth to new meanings and new models. Exactly as Franca Sozzani did. Revolutionary queen of the fashion system, who for 28 years led Vogue Italia , proposing to the world new keys to interpretation. Whether it is about design or fashion, the question always reflects our times.[/two_third][one_third_last]

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