Motor Yacht DRAGONFLY has arrived in Vanuatu. The yacht arrived in the region early Saturday local time after a journey of 1600 nautical miles over 3.5 days.

While the situation on the ground remains dynamic, the yacht and her crew have been tasked by the Vanuatu government with supplying aid and providing a medical response to the Shepherd Islands, just north east of Efate where Port Vila is located. This area has seen 80-100% of all villages destroyed and has no access to fresh water, food or shelter.

Captain Mike Gregory said:

“DRAGONFLY has extensively cruised the beautiful and remote areas of Vanuatu over the past 2 years. We were shocked and saddened to see the devastation caused by Cyclone Pam, and we know that the resources we have onboard can make a huge difference and will ultimately save lives. Our goals are to deliver the most efficient and effective response to those in need, provide medical care for the injured and deliver 80,000 litres of water within the first seven days. We have been well supported by the teams ashore and would like to thank Yacht Aid Global in their efforts to coordinate the delivery of aid for us to carry to the most remote locations.”

The vessel is under management with Y.CO. Gary Wright and Charlie Birkett, Co-Founders, said:

“The Y.CO team is 100% behind the efforts of Captain Mike Gregory and the fantastic DRAGONFLY crew in this vital aid mission, and we are offering our full support to the yacht’s operations on the ground. We encourage any yacht with the capability to aid the efforts in Vanuatu to contact Yacht Aid Global and help in any way they can.”