Dominator Ilumen 28M officially launched. The gamble has been won.

From Left: Alberto Mancini, Angela and August Pernsteiner, Andrea Agrusta

[one_half]“To us Ilumen is more than just a yacht or a luxurious product. It symbolises the love of manmade beauty that is not only in harmony with nature but complements it and represents a desire to contribute to a better world. To own an Ilumen or strive for one is connected to the obligation to strive for a better world, support our fellow man and promote peace and beauty in the world.” August Pernsteiner, Shipyard’s owner.

“Design is more important than ever, and today owners want a yacht that offers the ultimate blend of performance, style, luxury amenities and comfort. In satisfying the demand for an elegant motor yacht that harmonises classic yachting tradition with modern technology and design, we designed the Dominator Ilumen to far exceed our clients’ expectations.”  Alberto Mancini, Designer[/one_half][one_half_last]Angela Pernsteiner is an important part of the passionate, dynamic force behind this project that binds the many different expert professionals and craftsmen together. The very name ILUMEN stands for the illumination of ideas and engineering processes, and in the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci this is exactly what Angela and the team have achieved – producing in the process a modern work of art. “The Dominator Ilumen yachts are bespoke through and through – from the choice of the hull between a semi-displacement and semi-planing version, to the individual comfort cruising speed, the propulsion system or the complete re-engineering of the internal spaces, to name only a few options,” says Angela.[/one_half_last]


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter 10.000 hours of precision engineering and design, one of the most exciting moments in recent yacht development has arrived and Dominator Ilumen 28M has been officially launched at a private ceremony in Montecarlo, at the presence The result is a yachting experience like no other: a mega yacht in convenient 28-metre format, a sort of “compact” design.


From its ground-breaking concept via innovative engineering solutions and the most advanced materials and technologies through to the exquisite bespoke dressing of each and every motor yacht, the Dominator Ilumen 28M sets a new standard in power, agility, comfort, luxury and security.


Engineering Innovation

Dominator thought big from the outset, applying the technology, processes and quality materials usually reserved for mega yachts. The designers of Alberto Mancini Yacht Design and engineers of NavalHEAD followed the inspired lead provided by Dominator’s owners to arrive at a flowing architecture that harmonises functionality, form, comfort, amenities, power, safety and sea keeping agility like no other vessel in its class.

Every function and space on an Ilumen – from the engine room to the luxury living spaces – is designed for optimal distribution of weight, space, functionality and aesthetics. “Many yachts foresee zero speed fins; to avoid adding resistance due to appendages we went for a huge gyro stabiliser from Seakeeper capable of a reduction of 80 per cent of the uncontrolled roll angle up to 14 degrees,” says Federico Brumat of Dominator’s Technical Office.

To guarantee comfort on board when at speed the Ilumen 28M relies on an advanced full motion damping system capable of roll and pitch motion reduction called Humphree Active Ride Control. It also enhances manoeuvrability, speed and reduces resistance and with it fuel consumption, while ensuring optimal stability in all conditions. The new compact main engine exhaust outlet with Gold Standard warranty was developed together with hydrodynamics specialists Profjord.


Mounted inside the flexible lightweight Dominator High Performance Hull of the yacht are MAN V8-1200 engines that propel the push/pull Counter Rotating Propellers with a combination of power and efficient safety. The Fischer Panda iSeries Generators employ variable speed technology to similarly offer top range effectiveness across in all kinds of conditions, while the approach also extends to comfort-related applications that ensure consistent climate control that avoids costly start-stop cycles.

Solar control interlayer film in the glassed areas lowers direct heat transmittance from the sun by 40 per cent to further aid energy efficiency, making the Dominator Ilumen 28M more environmentally friendly and economical to run. Every Ilumen yacht can be prepared to meet the MGN 280 compliance certification that enables them to be operated commercially.


Like no other – Every detail immediately tells you that Ilumen is something quite different, from the high-tech construction in post-cured glass and carbon mixed with epoxy resin to the full use of epoxy filler cycle and the application of the Awlcraft painting cycle instead of common, cheap gel coats” – said Andrea Agusta, Head of Engineering.

“We set out to challenge limitations and provide the same sensation of space, elegance and luxury in a 28-metre format that you would expect in a mega yacht, “ says Chief Designer, Alberto Mancini. “When I first saw the hull, deck and superstructure I realised it was the beginning of a new era.” And indeed, the features such as the owner’s cabin, a beautifully curved glass frontage, the rotating beach platform and the impressive fly deck are unique, industry-leading features.

The Dominator Ilumen is characterised by unique touches and features, such as the handcrafted Purismo Aurelia, a bespoke lightweight carbon e-bike that like the Ilumen 28M represents the pinnacle in its field and adds to the practicality and enjoyment of your yacht.


Exquisite Luxury and Emotion

Each and every Ilumen 28M is a thing of beauty, a bespoke synthesis of technology and design that offers a personal palate of options with which owners can create their own personalised haven of comfort, luxury and superlative style. Sleek and seductive, this 21st century motor yacht cannot help but stir emotions as it glides through the water.

Custom-made furniture and bulkheads finished in the most opulent materials such as backlit white onyx, ebony, white oak, silk, Zimmer and Rhode fabrics, suede ceilings and satin-like nubuck leather are just some of the possibilities, but as Head of the Dominator Bespoke Office, Giulia Sigismondi, says: “The interior dressing of each yacht is a highly personal affair, so we work with the owners to make it a bespoke design that fits them like a glove in terms of taste and preferences.”

The interior distribution is such that it creates a sense of being on a much larger ship, a sensation realised in part through tall ceilings and the use of glassed areas that allow natural light and seascapes to illuminate the luxurious cabin spaces. Nowhere is this approach more impressive than in the skylight and private deck of the master cabin, and it helps to create a truly privileged private space.


Integrated into the interior are ‘zero impact’ invisible speakers in VIP and guest cabins that transform any surface they are embedded into (be it concrete, fibreglass, wood, marble, stone or glass) into a high performance audio system. This state-of-the-art system, incorporating a sound masking system in the main salon and master cabin, provides an advanced audio-visual, communication and entertainment system that includes a private cinema projector on the Sun Deck.

“We loved the challenge of designing cutting edge Videoworks systems specifically for the MY Kaliente, and would like to thank Dominator for allowing us to develop its innovative audio/video, entertainment, IT and domotic onboard system.” Mauro Pellegrini, founder of Videoworks.


After many thousands of hours of hard work and determination, the long-awaited launch is now here, and the first Dominator Ilumen 28M to take to the waters – the 28/03 Ilumen Kalliente – will be berthed in the south of France throughout the summer of 2017, starring at the Cannes Boat Show before being the centre of attention during private viewings and events along the Côte d’Azur.