Coronavirus | Opinions: the vision of a U.S. superyacht client. Interview with one of the top players in real estate in the U.S.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere we are again with the second interview focused on the Corona Virus emergency. For this second session, we have chosen an American voice, a succesfull business man operating in real estate, philanthropist and not at least “superyacht life fan”. As US leading player in all aspects of commercial development, we consider his opinion an important contribution to a better understanding of this emergency in terms of global economy. For privacy reason, deriving from the fact his lifestyle includes experiences on board megayachts, we have been asked not to mention his name.

Q: “How do you think your Country (the U.S.) is reacting – or how is it preparing – to this threat that has already hit China and Italy, and is now expanding across Europe?”

A: “I think that the US is just beginning to take this seriously. Schools are closing down or going online for a period of time. Travel has been curtailed by many companies. This is only the beginning of what’s going to get worse”.

Q: “As a company, how are you preparing to face this threat? Do you think that this emergency will cause economic damages at all levels and in all sectors?”

A: “We are taking precautions with cleanliness as well as will be curtailing much travel. We feel this will be a threat to our company as well as our clients”.

Q: “Among entrepreneurs, what are the considerations that you are sharing?”

A: “I have been talking with a lot of other entrepreneurs and company owners. There is severe caution and worry at this time”.

Q: “You are in the real estate world, maybe your business will come out stronger, what do you think? Financial markets suffer, oil also, does ‘the brick’ always retain its value over time?”

A: “I am very concerned about what this will do to our tenants. We think it could hurt lots of  businesses and that’s hurt our company.  I don’t think we know the effect on real estate yet”.

Q: “As a ‘superyacht client’, do you think the yachting sector will be weakened by this emergency? I wonder, who is really thinking today about chartering a boat for the next summer, considering that reservations usually start in this season. Have you made such considerations?”

A: “I think the yachting industry will be affected if a lot of people can’t spend the extra money. However, the superyachts clientele might want to get away from people and it might be good for the business. We have thought of a yacht again but are waiting for now”.