CCN launches the Fuoriserie line with the first M/Y K40.

With the sale of M/Y K40, a 40 m expedition yacht, the Avenza-based boat builder CCN launches the Fuoriserie fully-custom yacht line. The boat, sold to an American Owner and commissioned by Floating Life Charter & Brokerage, has been pencilled by Studio Sculli from Sarzana, while the La Spezia-based Vannini-Oleggini firm has been in charge of naval engineering.

The vessel has been conceived with the precise goal of cruising around the world, and has therefore been designed [highlight color=”yellow”]for long-range cruises across the Mediterranean Sea, but also the oceans[/highlight], all the way up to the coldest seas.

CCN K403

[padding right=”15%” left=”15%”]The Fuoriserie line marks CCN’s debut in the world of one-off projects, which respond to the customers’ need for fully customized yachts, and highlights CCN’s great flexibility and ability to meet the most diverse needs and requirements.[/padding]

CCN K401

“This new challenge will allows us to prove once more our expertise in the construction of megayachts as well as our shipyard’s flexibility and unmatched quality: this is indeed a fully-custom project implying painstaking studies and a high level of know-how” – commented CCN’s CEO Diego Michele Deprati.

The hull is in steel, reinforced for the ‘Light Ice’ class, while the superstructure is in aluminium. The deadworks and superstructure feature modern, essential lines, with a few more classical touches. The vertical bulwarks will be finished with extensive glazed surfaces, resulting in a highly contemporary architectural style.

The need to have a fourth habitable deck entirely reserved for the Owner, spacious indoor and outdoor areas, a galley and a pantry comparable to those normally found on a 50 m yacht, and a central tender garage hosting a tender exceeding 6.5 meters in length required in-depth studies aimed at finding the perfect balance between the size of the bottom and the superstructure, while ensuring a truly harmonious design and not exceeding 500 GT.

The interiors will be sober and extremely bright, with light shades and a perfect blend of wood, lacquered surfaces, and fabrics. Considering the will to ensure comfort even during long-range cruising, special care has been devoted to the crew quarters and the galley. This 40 m yacht also features a service pantry on all decks, a beach area with movie theatre, a changing room and storage space for diving equipment, outdoor areas with dining tables and sunbathing sofas, a BBQ and a fully-equipped bar area on the sun-deck.

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