Cantiere delle Marche welcomes the new year with 2 new orders.

Success continues unabated for the Ancona-based shipyard as in few days two sale contracts have been signed for the construction of two new yachts. Only a few days after having celebrated the sale of an Explorer Yacht Darwin Class 102′, Cantiere delle Marche announces the signing of a new contract for the construction of a Nauta Air 111’.

In the five years since being launched, the Darwin Class and the Nauta Air lines have pushed the shipbuilder into a dominant position. The new Darwin Class 102’, sold to a European owner, and the new Explorer Yacht, [highlight color=”yellow”]flagship of the range Nauta Air[/highlight], sold to a Latin American client, are both scheduled for delivery in 2017.


The new Darwin Class 102’ – While maintaining all of the features of the pure Darwin Class style, this 102’ boasts a series of interesting customizations, both with regards to function and design. One of the first requests of personalization made by the buyers was to include a fully-equipped fitness area so to keep up with their daily workout routines, even when they are at sea and far away from their regular gym. In order for them to live an active life while enjoying the oceans and their sailing destinations, careful attention was devoted to the lay out of the garage; it will be equipped for – and designed to – hold numerous toys and transportation vehicles, as well as a complete diving center. The already ample spaces were specifically designed and reproportioned in height, exceeding the already excellent standards that are the norm on all Explorer yachts in the Darwin Class. The interior height allowances were increased to 2.18 meters (incredible for a 100-foot yacht) and consequently, all of the doors and windows were reproportioned, too. This way, the owner will not have to suffer any of the classic problems that particularly tall people experience on a yacht of this length.

All the technical standards that have made CdM a benchmark in its sector have been maintained: 12mm steel hull, cupronickel piping, independent rudders, automatic generator parallel, electric fins stabilizers, as well as wastewater treatment systems for black, gray, and bilge waters that have been adapted from the world of work ships and designed to be used 24/7 year round.

The interior spaces will be designed by Italian interior firm PFA & Partners, which is partnering with Cdm’s project managers and the owner, to design the interior layout. They will offer four cabins (one Master, one VIP, and two guest cabins) plus three crew cabins and one Captain’s cabin adjacent to the bridge.

The owners have proposed a warm and welcoming interior style, where the walnut wood tones find their perfect complement in the wallpapers, the leathers, and the other luxury materials used to create a very cozy atmosphere. The theme that pulls it all together will be the pairing of classical style and modern touches, especially in accessories and free standing pieces of furniture that offer a tremendous visual impact in terms of form. The owners’ personal cabin was the object of particular focus – a large full-beam space in the center of the yacht, with a highly original solution for connecting the sleeping area with the bath and dressing room area.

NautaAir 111_preliminary

Nauta Air 111′ – As to the Nauta Air 111′, the Owner has a great passion for underwater photography, scientific research and the study of marine animals. For this, the yacht will be designed and built to provide long permanence on board and an incredible autonomy from the shore.

The new Nauta Air 111’, [highlight color=”yellow”]with almost 8 meters beam[/highlight], will reach approximately 330 GRT in volume. In order to build it, Cantiere delle Marche has recruted an international team that includes the highest excellence in the industry. In fact, the prestigious Dutch firm Vripack will be in charge of the the Naval Engineering of the project, while Nauta Yachts Design of Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino will sign the entire exterior and interior design, as for all the yachts of the Nauta Air range.

Marnix Hoekstra, Vripack’s Director comments:”The dedication of the CdM team in building their growing fleet of explorers certainly got our attention in the recent years. We’re proud to now become part of their professional group which share the vision that this world is meant to be discovered still and that yachts are the best tool for that job. We’ll bring to the team our experience of 7000plus yachts as well as the five North West Passages our yachts made. The Nauta Air 111 will be designed with our knowledge in safety and comfort. She will feature a CFD optimised hull with bulbous bow and enhanched scantlings on the hull and rudders for sailing in ice conditions. But most of all we look forward of becoming part of the CdM Family and friends group”.

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