Cantalupi, innovation, design and safe navigation.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith over 60 years of experience and over 600 boats all over the world, where the company has installed its electric systems, Cantalupi was among the most prestigious names present at METS in Amesterdam, from 18th to 20th November last. At the Marine Equipment Trade Show, Cantalupi introduced the new Led Navigation Light System, an embedded system where no additional devices for light control and alarm are needed.

All built-in design

Cantalupi has made the history of the Yachting Industry: its technical office dedicated to the board electrical systems design, has an experience of over a half century, and continues to be updated on new technologies. Every electrical systems are designed rigorously according to the standards stated by the highest authorities and international ship classification registers (such as RINA, ABS, LR, BV, etc..) and with the aim of providing more and more innovative solutions.

all in built design

If the engine of a boat is considered its heart, its electric system is supposed to be its mind

Cantalupi Electric Systems, with its engineers, designers and technicians, achieves and guarantees switchboards and electric and electronic systems for the most prestigious boats. Sailing the sea means no mistakes or approximations. For this reason Cantalupi’s systems are achieved paying much attention to the safety of the management of energy and of all the power lines and signal lines, to the connections and to the tests of the entire system.

Made for perfection

The special division dedicated to the development of Switchboards operates under the careful supervision of the technical office and of the quality office. Every single switchboard or control box are intensely tested inside the Test Area, so as to verify the correct implementation as in the original design, the insulation and all the other tests expected. Finally, quality control verifies that all the Cantalupi’s standards have been respected under every single aspect, as it is expected to be perfect!


Switchboards are achieved according to the ship owner’s needs and tastes, as well as to the original design: every Cantalupi switchboard can be entirely customized, from the aluminum or steel work, to its layout and its conformation.

Centralized information

Cantalupi’s Automation and Control division designs custom software for boats, available on monitors or industrial touchscreen: specific hardware dedicated with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and display interfaces for the machine makes it accessible, with a simple touch, the information and the management of the fundamental systems for the safety and the control of the ship, such as the control of generators, of engines, fire safety, bilge, lights and so on. Control systems can be achieved in redundant mode, that guarantees a higher safety in the efficiency of the system and of the management interface. The goal of Cantalupi’s systems is to facilitate the use of boats, by centralizing the information, the alarms and the commands in order to use them easily and with immediacy.

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