BLUEGAME BGX70 at Boot Dusseldorf 2020

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter the success achieved at its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival, with numerous units sold, unanimous press consent, coveted prize as “Most-Avant-Garde yacht” at the Cannes Yachts Trophies, the unexpected BGX70 returns to the public on the prestigious stage of Boot Dusseldorf 2020.Bluegame proposes the BGX70 to the public of the great German exhibition its most recent project that perfectly expresses the brave and independent spirit of the brand. Bluegame has dared to propose an unconventional, a synthesis between walkaround, open, day cruiser, fisherman, thus inventing the Sport Utility of the sea.The original milestones of the project: large multipurpose outdoor areas, high protected walkways, functional and safe deck operations, extremely high-performance hull designed by the naval architect Lou Codega, uncommon lay-outs, maximum quality of materials and execution.
The entry of Bluegame into the Sanlorenzo Group in 2018 has radically changed the paradigm, opening up to the brand opportunities to explore new paths, unimaginable before. The strong driving force of the group soon materialized in the BGX70 project, where Luca Santella’s revolutionary idea met the talent and creativity of Studio Zuccon International, the signature of numerous Sanlorenzo award-winning projects.BGX70 represents the confirmation of the great work undertaken by Bluegame and the Zuccon studio, aimed at investigating scenarios of products and lifestyles on board different from the traditional ones.┬áThe research work also extends to another area of great interest: sustainability. The Sanlorenzo Group has entrusted Bluegame, already active in recycling processes as well as in the protection of the marine environment in the role of member of the Blue Marine Foundation, to develop, together with the Group R&D, the platform of projects set by the Innovation & Sustainability strategy.For this purpose, the Bluegame HTS Lab (High Technology and Sustainability Lab) was created, which has already successfully completed a recycling project that has been implemented precisely in the construction of the BGX70.

Fiberglass recovered at the end of its life, mixed with glass fibers and unsaturated polyester resins, allowed the creation of milled blocks with 80% recycled material. Bluegame will experiment with this recycling technology both for larger molds and for other applications such as the construction of panels for the interiors.