Being Independent, being Lap-1: the first MV13 launched at the Baglietto Shipyard.

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]enerally speaking we say that in family-run businesses, after the strong efforts and sacrifices of the first generation and the success of the second, the company is destined to be destroyed by the third generation. There are, however, many family-run companies which continue to grow generation after generation. That’s the case of Mr Lapo Elkann, heir to the fortune of the Agnelli family (FIAT), brother of John Elkann, chairman of the holding company (Fiat Chrysler), and today chairman and founder of the recently set up eyewear and fashion company, Italia Independent, and last but not the least, Garage Italia Customs, the Milan-based new-co specializing in vehicle customization in the fields of wrapping, painting, and upholstery.

For the first unit of MV13 named “Lap-1”, whose prototype had been presented at the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes, Garage Italia Customs, took care of its customisation, and Lapo Elkann is its owner.

“Inspiration, material research and perfect color & trim… every our project starts from here.” Garage Italia Customs.

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Launched at the Baglietto shipyard on 7th July last, in the presence of the Owner, who has always been an enthusiast of the Seagull brand, the MV13 has been designed and developed by Francesco Paszkowski Design in cooperation with Baglietto. A new project, Lap2, is already under study with Baglietto.

mv13 baglietto lapo elkann1

Customisation on the Lap1 implied a restyling of the exteriors using the Italia Independent digital camouflage, a pattern obtained by hand painting using 5 different shades as well as matt transparent lacquering. On this yacht, the pattern – which can also be found on the roll cage, the gangway, and the anti-slip flooring – has been modified in terms of spot size, distribution, and overlapping. Military-style finishes go hand in hand on this yacht with the unmistakable blue shade typical of Baglietto historical crafts, which characterizes the Alutex instrument panels and, in its navy version, some details and the porthole and drain pipe frames.

mv13 baglietto lapo elkann2

The final result flawlessly harmonizes with the MV line concept, which draws inspiration from underwater assault vehicles, paying tribute to the military crafts that made the success history of the Liguria-based nautical brand by reinterpreting some of their peculiar features and shapes in a modern style.

mv13 baglietto lapo elkann4

Relying on their common ground and source of inspiration – a modern restyling of the past – with this first project Baglietto and Garage Italia Customs are starting a cooperation that aims to offer clients a fully-customisable tailor-made product, which deepens its roots in the all-Italian ‘made-to-measure’ sartorial tradition.

[toggle title=”Garage Italia Customs” state=”close”]Garage Italia Customs is a synonym of elegance, style, taste, research, and forward-thinking. In an increasingly standardized world, where the strong drive towards profits has taken over subjectivity, Garage Italia Customs aims to add renewed value to everyone’s unique personality and taste through exclusive custom-made projects, that come to life thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. Garage Italia Customs is thus targeted at those who seek exclusiveness and will not settle for a soulless product, the outcome of mass production processes. Just like a tailor makes a suit to measure, ensuring it harmoniously follows the body’s natural contours, Garage Italia Customs meets any and all possible needs through a tailor-made service focused on research, a flawless balance of all the different components, a careful study of materials, and a successful interpretation of its clients’ dreams.[/toggle]

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