Baltic Yachts signs ultra-lightweight 111 custom superyacht

Baltic Yachts has signed a contract to begin building a new 33.83-metre “ultra-lightweight” superyacht. Described as “one of the most extreme projects Baltic has undertaken”, this yacht is scheduled for launch in May 2023.

Designed for fast coastal and offshore sailing, Baltic 111 Custom will begin construction in April taking full advantage of Baltic Yachts’ ability to build an advanced composite structure to the most exacting standards, creating a modern, stylish living platform within a high-performance design envelope.

The new yacht is an extremely weight sensitive project, a key reason why Baltic Yachts was selected. The company’s proven track record and expertise in calculating weight, monitoring it during build and achieving design targets, were decisive in the choice of builder, as were Baltic Yachts’ problem-solving abilities through innovation and attention to detail.

“This stunning new yacht will break new ground in leading edge technology, a challenge I am confident the entire Baltic Family is ready to meet. Winning this contract reflects our almost 50-year pledge to build Light, Stiff and Fast. We can’t wait to get started!”, said Baltic Yachts CEO Anders Kurtén.

Baltic Yachts will be working with a highly skilled team assembled by designer Jarkko Jämsén, and including in-demand Spanish race boat naval architects Botin Partners, and with structural engineering provided by PURE Design and Engineering. Project Manager Sam Evans and project Co-ordinator Mattias Svenlin will lead Baltic’s internal team, while externally A2B Marine Projects, will be responsible for project management.

Interior and exterior design are by award-winning Finnish designer, Jarkko Jämsén. With light weight and performance the over-arching features of the project, the new yacht’s interior will be minimalist and modern in style.

To save weight, the yacht’s structure will be used as part of the interior and materials like bamboo and rattan will feature in the finish. A luxury interior with a fully-fitted galley and air conditioning throughout will add to the challenge of hitting weight targets with precision.