An Isa along the dock, the boat you turn around to look at. Now pencilled by Marco Casali.

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you remember Okto and Silver Wind? Yes, sure, you do. How could you, otherwise? Last time I saw Okto was during the Monaco Yacht Show 2016. I was power walking along the dock for a meeting, when my head automatically turned around completely captivated by her lines. After less than 2 seconds, I said myself  “of course, it is Okto by Isa”. Brand suddenly disappeared from the market leaving a big gap in the segment “stunning yacht design”. After less than one year of  negotiations, the court of Ancona accepted the offer by Palumbo Group and authorised the transfer to the new ownership. Now the brand’s heritage is offered to the market through an improved design and a series of new and innovative projects. The Isa Super Sport series is designed by Marco Casali of Marco Casali Too Design.

ISA 141_CAM 001 PH

141 Super Sportivo is the second project of the new series ISA Super Sport unveiled by the shipyard and previously anticipated during last Monaco Yacht Show 2016. This range of two models (121 and 141), designed by Marco Casali, are yachts built in composite materials designed as a natural evolution of the successful ISA SPORT series.

The design of any product is always the natural reflection – even thought inspired by the brand’s heritage – of the designer’s soul. Meet Marco, know his attitude, spontaneity and good manners, then – provided that you have a little bit of emotional intelligence or empathy – compare them with his design. Elegance shines through, well seasoned and mixed with a sort of natural inclination for design and details.

What do I mean in other words? Look at a todays’ supercar – any brand, any model – more or less in most of them, design is so much at the core of the research that you see in the product something very near to perfection. Pure, clean, and above all, enveloping lines. You do not only see a good product, you detect the future.

Chevrolet, Corvette. A classic car of the 1960s.

This car, in particular, has a very easy and light design. You can rapidly perceive its design in its entirety. After more than 50 years, it is still the first model sold by the car manufacturer and considered in the U.S. as the reference sport car par excellence to such an extent that all of its new versions are referred to as generations.

Emphasizing its sporty nature, and merging its unmistakable lines with the stylistic super sport trends of innovation with automotive styling – ISA YACHTS maintains the characteristics of livability of the original model.

The 141 Super Sportivo project is born with an emphasis on speed and a new sleek profile, incorporating the heritage and class of the brand. With a greater mass than its smaller sister, the 141 has its focus on a wider fully equipped flying bridge with a T-top based on the ISA heritage design.

The cockpit follows the split level design creating different levels of functions for living at sea, with an accent on the design of the stairs that brings to mind baroque Italian architecture. A “stairway to heaven on the sea” with three sun-pad areas, bathing pool, sofas and dining table, all fully served by several storage areas, plus an American bar directly connected to the cockpit. A unique feature on this yacht is the stairway connecting the lower deck directly with the forward beach area. The stairs are below the glass bottomed bow pool, which creates a spectacular illumination for the lower deck, interrupting the corridor and transforming it into an emotional space. The dimensions of the forward beach area, fully coverable with sun shades, allows the crew to serve dinner or breakfast – and guests – to enter this space without passing through the saloon.

ISA 141_CAM 003 PH

The owner’s cabin, available in different customizable designs, hosts a private opening platform, creating a private direct access to the sea with a unique panorama at night thanks to its additional sliding full height crystal doors. The lower deck can host 3, 4 or 5 cabins while the crew area, directly accessible from the external passages, has 4 cabins. The galley in the lower deck is connected to the other decks with a food lift for a better service in every area. The garage host a 5 meter tender, plus one jet sky on each side. The new ISA 141 Super Sportivo design reaches the peak of expression with fast, sleek lines, combined with classic and timeless styling, all integrated with the ISA YACHTS’ custom heritage.