ALFA 50 | The new 50m superyacht concept by Team For Design – Enrico Gobbi for Rossinavi

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ntoduced by the yard at the last Monaco Yacht Show, Alfa is the latest interpretation of Rossinavi philosophy by Arch. Enrico Gobbi, founder of Venice-based architecture studio Team for Design.

As explained by the architect, the 50m superyacht concept has a sporty style inspired by iconic Italian luxury car brand Alfa Romeo, founded in the early 20th century. Alfa Romeo’s unique approach to automotive craftsmanship and design has always been an inspiration for the best manufacturers all over the world. The unmistakable radiator grille of the Alfa Romeo cars, characterized by its signature front grille, is echoed in Alfa‘s straight and rigorous bow, made of steel and captivatingly pronounced forward. Alfa is a sports boat under 500 GT, characterized by strong lines that do not take away space from the interior areas which appear very spacious and elegantly decorated, in harmony with the slender appearance of the boat.

Despite Alfa‘s sleek and sporty lines, the boat features a number of large, bright windows to enjoy some incredible panoramic views from the main areas, such as the upper deck, the owner’s cabin, the main deck saloon and the cabins dedicated to the guests. The presence of windows rising from floor to ceiling, a distinguishing characteristic of many projects signed by Team for Design – Enrico Gobbi for Rossinavi, is a recurrent feature of the Alfa, recognizable from the bow to the mooring areas to convey a sense of further structural slimming. One of Alfa‘s points of strength, already introduced in other recent Rossinavi projects, is the presence of a ship owner’s cabin that boasts an exit to two sinuous balconies that reach the main deck. The smaller balcony overlooks the left side of the boat, while the one on the right side extends over the full beam to give even more space to the cabin, allowing a superior panoramic effect. The window continues on the bow past the owner’s cabin as  in a balustrade and opens up into a private area that can also be used as a gym.

Countless details of Alfa have been inspired by the design of vintage and sports cars. In the grids, both aft and mid-brand, the predominant color is anthracite, the signature color of steel car grids.

Alfa‘s concept boasts a series of important innovations with particular attention to the stern area, which becomes the most important area for the owner who likes to spend time open-air. At the stern, is located the upper deck cockpit, with easy access to the lower level from which one can touch the sea. When the plaque is opened, a two-story space including a swimming pool, sundeck area and lounge is surprisingly revealed. The space thus configured offers a more protected indoor lounge area, a swimming pool featuring a waterfall and a sundeck from which one can dive straight into the water.

Another innovative aspect of Alfa is the owner’s cabin which appears extremely spacious, especially thanks to the slight swelling of the hull, which defines the original appearance of the outdoor spaces. The gym area is connected to a large bow bathroom. This area at the bow is also connected to the deck, which delimits an area entirely dedicated to the ship owner, ensuring maximum privacy.

Alpha‘s line is the dress of the boat. Alfa has an aggressive front due to the particularly high hull at the bow. To be able to fit the considerable height of the owner’s cabin and the entire bow area, the latter is pronounced forward, and the great descent that goes aft and holds the upper deck and the whole stern line makes it particularly streamlined.

Alfa opens up towards the sea, recalling the lines of an elegant sports coupé in navigation; a sinuous and large sports car with aggressive nose, and rigorous lines.